Although you might think that big girls have a hard time finding the right jewelry, you should know that costume jewelry for plus size women is also available and you could find that little extra that you have been missing until now. Just find the items that are suitable for you.

Costume Jewelry for Plus Size Women

Floral things

Big rings, chunky necklaces and brooches made of metal, enamel, plastic and silk are really trendy these days. If you wear plain fabrics you may use these to dress them up. Another option that you have is to have double or triple strand necklaces that draw the attention away from the problem areas.

Egyptian elements

When looking for costume jewelry for women who are plus size, you can think about Egyptian elements that will weigh down the lightweight fabrics. For instance you might consider the Egyptian bibs. These work well because they are relatively chunky and they catch the eyes of people.

Multiple strand chains

If you are looking for costume jewelry for plus size women, keep in mind that anything with chains is suitable for you. Think about the silver or gold chains that work well with your skin tone. These could also have some floral accents. To make the best of it, you might also have some colorful beads on the chain.


In case you have a dark outfit, the best thing that you can do about the plus size costume jewelry for women is to get them in white. This will brighten your look and it will also make you look trendy. Think about a pair of white earrings or a white necklace that is more than fashion forward.


In some cases, women would like to wear a necklace or a bracelet that they think is too chunky for them. In this case consider see-thru Lucite that offers the wanted effect but that still seems light. Dressy necklaces, cuffs and beaded necklaces all work fine.

Costume jewelry

The plus size women looking for costume jewelry should keep an eye out for chunky cocktail rings that look amazing with smooth enamels, geometric designs and vintage styles. They can add color and glamour to a relatively simple dress.

There are a lot of options for costume jewelry for plus size women as well, you just have to find them.


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