In addition to fashion clothing, LFW also showcases the hottest hair style trends. Celebrity stylists get to create and exhibit their latest innovations. Here are some of the latest hair trends from the London Fashion Week.

1.  Futuristic Style

Futuristic Style

The Jean-Pierre Braganza show displayed models in futuristic icy makeup and platinum blonde hair. The trick is to brush the hair out and straightening it to give a sleek finish. With central parting and sectioning the hair a ponytail is secured at the crown. Use a holding spray for the finishing touch.

2. Simple and Straight

Simple and Straight

Side partings never seem to go out of fashion. This new take on the hairstyle is perfect for a straightened mane. The style is achieved by blow drying hair after application of a mousse and then creating waves using a hairstyle.

3. Tough Girl Look

Tough Girl Look

The Todd Lynn show had models walk in a sophisticated hairstyle with a bit of a messy touch to it. After applying a texture paste to fresh washed hair, the hair is blow dried and finished by running your fingers through the hair with some finishing cream to create a messy look.

4. Oriental Inspiration

Oriental Inspiration

If you have pale skin, then go for dark hair colors to sport this hairstyle. Fringes and ponytails are in and the bangs can be achieved easily at a hairstylist’s. For the pony tails, make two sections of the hair and secure each one with a waxed band just above the ears. Use a flexible hairspray to keep flyaway strands under control.

5. Modern Beehive

Modern Beehive

Combining vibrant colors with a fresh take on the classical French twist, the stylist has achieved a modern version of the beehive hairstyle of the 60s. The most important part of the hairstyle is the height and one needs to gain sufficient control over it to get the style right.

6. Glamorous grunge

Glamorous grunge

This is one hairstyle that took the catwalk season by storm. Inspired by the 90s hairstyles this trend is here to stay. The style can be achieved in simple steps. A deep side parting and application of a volumizing dust gives the required lift to the roots of the hair. Then twist the hair for the waves and finally give a tousled look to it.


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