The race for spring / summer 2013 fashion trends has begun and footwear is one among them. Here are 10 trendy catwalk shoes that you must try out in the seasons to come.

1. Wedges


Summer is the time to display your wedges. This year designers have made them look beautiful and different. From ornate to embroidered, colorful wedges are here to stay. Use of natural material such as jute and silk is common among this type of shoes. We particularly loved the Valentino designed transparent variety with studded wedges.

2. Pointed Heels

Pointed Heels

The classic pointed heels come with a makeover this year. From small heels to the towering courts, there is one of every type. Try the metallic strapped ones which will send any party rocking.

3. Straps & Buckles

Straps & Buckles

Buckled shoes were seen making a comeback for spring this year. Glossy and printed versions of this footwear variety were admired the most. Carven’s countryside print drew crowds to the front seats (almost). Straps were also seen added on elegant pair of pencil heels. Try the special peacock finish variety from Lanvin to turn heads this red carpet season.

4. Flats & Sandals

Flats & Sandals

Studded sandals are the latest in this fashion style. Miu Miu, Celine and Dolce & Gabbana came out with the best flats this year. Colorful knitted flats from D&G stole the show giving a Hawaiian feel to the stage.

5. Chunky Safaris

Chunky Safaris

Chunky monkeys dotted all over the ramp this season. From sparkling party ready ones to the safari styled variety, chunky footwear ruled the ramp. Every designer had something planned in the style.

6. Gladiators


Starting from ankle length to the towering knee high types, gladiators have made a comeback this year. Choose the regular tanned and black versions or move to the daring white shades. Versace displayed the best gladiators on the ramp for the spring/ summer shows.

7. Formal Wear

Formal Wear

Brogues to espadrilles, formal wear displayed on the ramp were available in shades of black, tan and cream. The variations exhibited included two tone and metallic heeled shoes.

8. Peep Toes

Peep Toes

The evergreen style in footwear is the peep toes. High-heeled ones were the most popular among designers for this season’s style.

9. Retro Sneakers

Retro Sneakers

Sneakers look great for any summer outing. Bright and neon shaded colorful ones are expected to hit the shelves next season. Grab your pair at the earliest as these are going to be hot property among fashion tribes. You could change the look of a single pair by getting different pairs of laces to go with the dress.

10. Colorful Brogues

Colorful Brogues

Heeled brogues in dual tones were the most admired among those displayed on the ramp. From the more conventional black and white tones to the blue and black, models walked down in every color combination that the designers boldly explored.

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