— Most famous fashion designers that changed the face of fashion today!

We love fashion. We love brands. What very few of us know is that behind the brands all fashion addicts love and crave there is the industry, and behind that industry, there is a man or a woman that gave significance to the quest of making the fashion the new form of art.

When fashion was born it for sure did not think that its volatile and seductive nature will be able to create sacred gods able to set all that is fashion on a course of a mind-blowing success.

The brands that made a name for themselves and became symbols of quality, luxury, and perfect apparel are the result of a fashion genius able to shape a vision into a piece worthy to be called industry.

1. Vera Wang

Famous Fashion Designers

One of the most famous fashion designers, the goddess of the wedding dress world, known on the world scale because of her work done for people of power, influence or notoriety, Vera Wang is a living legend. Her genius is shown in an impressive combination of glamor and sensation.

Wedding Dresses by Vera Wang

A wedding gown is not a wedding gown but a work of art. If it carries the signature of Vera Wang, the dress carries the signature of a sparkling imagination, spectacular taste for fabric combination and a type of elegance that will make any bride be a star.

Vera Wang Wedding Gowns

The Vera Wang wedding gown is a jewel we hear mentioned in the urban language and also in almost all romantic movies involving a wedding. In this case, the name made the brand.

2. Versace

versace Fashion Designer

The Versace brother and sister: Gianni and Donatella are responsible for creating a brand with all the Italian spark and all the American diversity. The tragic death of Gianni changed the concept of the brand and Donatella stepped in to bring a slightly different but equally lovely touch.

Versace Collections

Versace grew spectacularly as a brand using every opportunity to surpass the preceding success. They make every season shine with something and the original perspective over lines and fabrics made this brand name have many celebrity fans.

Versace Designs

Versace became a famous name of a fashion empire because of different factors but it remains famous because of the originality of the genius designers.

3. Alexander McQueen

Alexander Mcqueen

The prodigy wild child of fashion had a tumultuous personality and everything a genius fashion should hold as sacred: a theatrical vision, a taste for the unusual and an out-of-the-box creativity. Alexander McQueen, one of the famous fashion designers, was a tormented soul but the torment created amazing fashion. He is no longer here but his genius lingers with all its might.

 Fashion Designers Of The World

A design by Alexander McQueen is something completely innovative. He never obeyed any rules and created the most impressive and most complex fabric association with the unique target of creating a masterpiece from every design. He had a sense of complexity but also that certain something that will never be equaled.

Alexander Mcqueen Collection

When fashion lost McQueen all those who were fans of his genius mourned the absence of complex vision that made art from fashion and supernatural beings from all those who dared to wear his original creations.

4. Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs

“A force of fashion” as he was picturesquely called by the American newspapers, the man capable of winning the impossible to perfection is worth wearing the name of the youngest fashion guru.

Marc Jacobs Collection

Marc Jacobs is all about details, a fashion designer able to create all the possible dreams feminine nature might have about fashion. In short, he is a visionary of what we love to wear.

Fashion Designers Of The World

A Marc Jacobs collection is all about glamor. Designs and fabrics dance in a fantabulous succession of lines. He focuses on bringing forward a feminine fashion without inhibition and indulges all the delicate details an outfit should have. At Marc Jacobs, you notice the luxurious in the casual and the casual in the most glamorous outfits. This brand name describes and original creator of dreams.

5. Calvin Klein

calvin klein

C.K. is so famous that nobody thinks twice when wanting to buy quality. Calvin Klein started with coats, continued with jeans and introduced the concept of high-quality underwear.

Calvin Klein Designs

The brand was originally thought to accommodate male fashion but their versatility made them able to fit the entire market.

Calvin Klein Collection

C.K. is the brand that enjoys toying with the very basic. Clean lines and specialized purpose are the features that made Calvin Klein what it is today. The brand is proud to be one of the bestsellers in jeans and true competitive player in the brand underwear industry.

6. Stella McCartney

stella mccartney

Stella McCartney is a rather new name and a new vision in fashion. The famous daughter of a famous former Beatles father, Stella is a free spirit making fashion a game of creativity and volumes.

stella mccartney collection

Stella is all about experimenting. The cuteness goes hand in hand with bold, interesting fabrics and combined with traditional ones and the result is a fashion dare without any trace of shy. She is bold, creative and daring, a lady of fashion with a very personal attitude.

stella mccartney designs

7. Anna Sui

Fashion Designers Of The World

Anna Sui is one of the most famous fashion designers. American by birth, she made the brand name an international standard. Delicate and completely natural her style is focused on bringing the best in the woman and making the woman shine with pleasure.

Anna Sui Collection

Detailed and passionate about fabrics the Anna Sui collections are a synergy of colors. She finds the right touch in every dress and the right combination of style to create that original feminine look able to conquer at the first glance.

Anna Sui Designs

She is the designer you can count on to make you look amazing but completely natural. All her collections carry the touch of a personality for which colors are the second nature.

8. D&G

Famous Fashion Designers

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana are famous fashion designers with Italian origins that made the D&G brand extraordinary famous. Versatile and smart, two sides of the same coin, these guys are able to squeeze the best from the fashion vine and make immortal creations.

d&g collection

D&G is a source of fun. Their designs are your way of saying you love the world with all its exuberant nature and that you feel the need to seize the moment and enjoy it to the maximum.

D&G Designs

D&G is a brand of attitude, complexity and positive state of mind.


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