— You need not go extravagant to get that great look!

Have you noticed how ridiculously hot Victoria Beckham and Lindsay Lohan look even when they’re just going to get coffee? Have you noticed how celebrities such as Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen and Ashley Tisdale seem to be able to just throw on some odds-and-ends clothing and they look wicked put together?

Believe me, we are all affected by the recession which means we do not have the budget to even attempt to look half as cute and put together as these celebrities do, however it’s really not about money. It’s about confidence and having your own personal style. Here are a few tips to dress like a Celebrity on a Recession Budget:

1. So, let’s begin with the basics. Acknowledge and familiarize yourself with your own personal style. Maybe you are a bit more conservative or maybe you don’t care if you put gray with beige and throw on some huge gold hoops.

Dress Like Celebrity - short hair cut

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Knowing who you are and knowing your personal style is the most important thing you can do in finding your own inner-fashion guru.

2. Ok, now that you have established your own personal style and you are comfortable in your own shoes, let’s go shopping. We know, it’s a recession but we’re going to tell you a little secret about shopping for clothes.

Dress Like Celebrity

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Instead of buying a complete head-to-toe outfit, shred it down and go for one piece of clothing. For example a cute cropped jacket that you can put with a multitude of different outfits. Or perhaps a shrug that you could put over a dress, tank or halter top. Or even an over-sized shirt that you can either put with leggings, skinny jeans, or belt in. You get the picture.

3. There are two things you should not scrimp on; bras and shoes. Think about it, you will spend $80+ on a bra that you will wear several times a week so why not spend a good chunk of money on a pair of really hot, cute, and comfortable (somewhat) shoes.


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Shoes really can make an outfit. I never really understood this until my sister got into her famous ‘shoe phase’. Can it be called a phase if it has lasted over a decade? Anyway, she can wear the same jeans and depending upon her shoes and her top she can make two completely different outfits with two completely different looks from that pair of shoes.

Make sure you have a trendy and yet adorable pair of flats and well as a few more pairs of stylish shoes. If you can, throw in a pair of knee-high boots.

4. Accessorize. Accessorize. Accessorize. Handbags, purses, shoes, jewelry, scarves. Whatever you can get your hands on, accessorize. Think about it; you can practically wear the exact same top and bottom but with different accessories it will look like a completely different outfit.

Dress Like Celebrity

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You can pair virtually anything with heels, hoops and a handbag and make it into a trendy going-out outfit.

5. Knock-offs are ok! So you can’t afford Gucci, Balenciaga or Louis Vuitton? Who can? It is okay to partake in the knock-off craze. Make sure whatever you’re attempting to imitate at least looks genuine or you will look stupid. Chanel sunglasses are hot.


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Get some knock-offs! They’re huge, they’re hot and they’re hard to tell if they are fake! Same with some handbags and purses on the market. Find knock-offs that do the real thing some justice and you are well on your way to looking like a celebrity on a recession budget!

6. Work with your hair. Have fun with your hair; change the style, change the color, put accessories in it. You can use scarves, barrettes, and have fun with curlers.

Dress Like A Celerity - Barettes

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7. Remember who you are. Do NOT forget what your own style is.


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8. Think “Carrie Bradshaw”. I know I am not the only woman who couldn’t believe what I was seeing season after season of Sex in the City when Carrie Bradshaw was wearing different colored shoes, ridiculous skin tight pants, see-through shirts and crazy accessories but do you see how it worked? Think Carrie Bradshaw! Have fun with your wardrobe and have fun with your own personal style!

Carrie Bradshaw - Dress Like A Celebrity

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9. Get a humongous pair of sunglasses. Think, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen.

Mary Kate

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10. Shop at vintage stores, shop at thrift stores and shop at Goodwill. I went on a date once with a guy and his style nearly knocked me out of my Mahnolo Blahniks. He looked outrageously fabulous. He got his entire outfit from a thrift store. He probably didn’t spend more than $20 on his entire outfit from shirt, pants to shoes.

How to Dress Like a Celebrity

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Urban Outfitters is an amazing shop and is usually reasonably priced. Check out when Urban Outfitters is having sales. Urban Outfitters is especially the place for you if you are feeling a bit lacking in the confidence area when it comes to putting outfits together.

To dress like a celebrity you can pretty much walk into Urban Outfitters and walk out with completely trendy and fashionable outfits for under $100.

Whoever your celeb fashion idol is you can undoubtedly dress like them with or without the celeb fashion idol budget. Keep the above tips in mind; go for pieces not entire outfits, ACCESSORIZE, think HUGE sunglasses, think VINTAGE and URBAN OUTFITTERS and be comfortable in your own skin and with your own sense of style.


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