Winter is almost here but this is not a reason to stop dreaming and wondering about the amazing spring and the cool fashion items it will bring. The main designers stepped forward to present cute additions to the styles that will rule the fashion scene; and as clutch purses come, the spring looks extremely gorgeous.

The trend will surely follow the major tendency of getting back to romance, tribal fusion, native and fabulous 80’s but at the same time, the spring 2011 clutches are meant to completely accommodate the fabulous fashionista out to hunt success on all levels.

Whether official, cool or simply handy and casual the clutch purse is the main presence in the fashion collections.

Colorful and delicate; or on the contrary official and neutral, the clutch purses are fit to match the career women but also accommodate the free spirit of the professional shopper.

1. Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs Clutch Purse

Marc Jacobs saw fit to gild the clutch and make it large enough to host an iPad. Practical but also extremely fashionable, this one is fit for a night out clubbing and also for a girl’s day out with your BFF.

2. Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton Clutch Purse

Louis Vuitton made the clutch purses a flagship for the spring 2011 collection; the beautiful details and the exotic orchid pattern make this spectacular clutch accommodate the 80s style romantic dress.

3. Holly Fulton

Holly Fulton Clutch Purse

Holly Fulton did not hesitate to make the clutch purses fit the dress. The interesting part is that such a clutch can be customized to fit any possible outfit allowing you to stop worrying about the bag matching the ensemble. The beautiful Aztec details and patterns are coming to create an air of tribal exotic.

4. Bluegirl

Bluegirl Clutch Purse

The same type of clutch borrowing the dress fabric we see at Bluegirl. The girly girl elegance of the heavy lace is something extremely delicate. The style encourages the vintage air that will still linger in the fashion trends of 2011 and compliments an outfit made to impress with romance. Neutral is here – the color tone making the delicate lace design look its best.

5. Dsquared

Dsquared Clutch Purse

Dsquared introduces the business clutch purses with a twist. Earth tones are perfect for office hours and a true business lady will not miss all the must-have a woman’s purse has. This type of clutch is roomy enough but also very practical.

6. Sonia Rykiel

Soniarykiel Clutch Purse

We know Sonia Rykiel for always being the original as patterns and daring colors are concerned. The design of her accessories for this spring is no less interesting. The electric colors and the perfect functionality of this clutch makes it perfect for almost every occasion you would want to make an impression. So dare and wear …and be fabulous.

7. Nina Ricci

nina ricci

Nina Ricci offers a spring collection of clutch purses created to underline the feminine side of the urban chic. The ruffled fabrics are totally accommodating the feminine nature and clutches are no difference. Light colors, delicate leather structure and a quite roomy design make this type of clutch ideal for a day out in the city.

8. Diane Von Furstenberg

diane von furstenberg

Diane Von Furstenberg is known for the fabulous elements present in all her collections. The envelope bag is not new as a concept but is exactly the type of bag that can help you “function” at a pretentious event. For spring 2011 the envelope clutch combines the dark lines with animal print. The combination not only makes the clutch lovely but also gives a certain “je ne sais quoi” to the entire ensemble.

9. Emporio Armani

Clutch Purses For Spring 2011

Snake skin, crocodile skin, any lizard skin – or not to invite the ire of PETA – faux skin. The clutch trend has embraced this original fabric pattern and Emporio Armani added to it the classical cut, geometrical shape and a functional strap so you can wear the strap on the wrist or under your shoulder. Practical and trendy – that sums up this bag perfectly.

10. Louis Vuitton

Clutch Purses For Spring 2011

Shoulder strap and over the chest strap are still lingering around for spring 2011. The beautiful color combination, aerodynamic pear shape and beautifully luscious fabric makes the strap look its very best. So better enjoy it for everything it is: a cute but functional clutch. Louis Vuitton did their best with this one too.

11. Diane Von Furstenberg

Clutch Purses For Spring 2011

Speaking of shoulder strap, we can but admire the Diane von Furstenberg’s smart idea of a chain strap accompanied by a geometrically design pattern on a classical designed square clutch. Delicate but with a certain personality, this beauty is perfect for any occasion requiring a feminine presence with a glamorous twist.

12. Christian Dior

Christian Dior Clutch Purse

Christian Dior remains true to the concept of the clutch purses. The 50s vintage form mixed with candy colored fabric, becomes a true spectacular design. Such a bag is both, cool and sexy; and also very practical because of the short handles. It is not exactly a clutch but has all the glamour of one plus some additions as functionality.

13. Etro

Etro Clutch Purse

Decorate and bedazzle your handbag because the trend calls for something extra in glamor. Keep in mind the native style is a true adventure and the details in fabric combination are cool if many, but they must be matched with a monochromatic outfit to be noticed in their entire splendor.

14. Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton Purple

Rich fabric and delicate handmade details are a signature of Louis Vuitton. Velvet or cashmere and also a comfortable wrist strap can make the delicate outfit be in harmony with a luxurious clutch in the most perfect colors of the season. The bags are meant to look like jewels and this one does exactly that.

15. Chanel

Clutch Purses For Spring 2011

Chanel sticks to the classic. This spring season the brand focuses on size, classical line and roomy clutch style bags. They are perfect fit for the lady and also the right kind of bag for both – a social event and a day at the office. Chanel thinks the spring season in practical and luxurious bags of a true functionality.

16. Marc Jacobs

Purple Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs is redefining the structure of the evening clutch purses concept. Beautiful to each and every detail, such a bag is perfect for the evening gowns that come with their own personality. Marc Jacobs is known for the daring concepts but the setting tone for the 2011 spring is urban glamour with a touch of exotic.


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