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One of the top most famous birthday wishes of any woman is to be able to shop without any limits. Shopping is one of the most important activity in a woman’s life because it involves a lot of decisions regarding the pros and cons of a product.

Moreover, when you go shopping you always pick up a product that is durable and also enhances your style statement and social status. Shopping is also a way to socialize with other people. Be it friends, family, mere acquaintances or total strangers, every one goes for shopping. The choice of shopping bags is critical if you are a member of the elite. Hence, here is the list of top 12 shopping bags that you must have.

1. Carlos Falchi Shopping Tote

carlos falchi

( Source: myfashioncents )

Yet another bag that is amazing and durable at the same time, Carlos Falchi Shopping Tote can be bought in exciting color range like Black, silver, gold and bronze that gives fantastic texture and look to these shopping bags. These shopping bags are made from an excellent blend of microfibers and python print. The most amazing thing about this bag is the presence of magnetic snap that helps you to open and close the bag easily without fumbling around.

Being light in weight, this bag is very much easy to carry and has excellent shoulder straps that do not stress you out. This bag also allows you to put in your cash, cards, mobile phones, clips and keys separately in its internal pockets. This bag has awesome dimensions like 17” width, 15” height and 4” diameter approximately. This bag is surely enviable for its beauty and purpose.

2. Gucci Large Shearling Tote

gucci shearling tote

( source:  purseblog )

Especially famous in the season of fall, this shopping bag looks beautiful beyond words with its soft beige color. Soft to touch with awesome handles, this shopping bag comes along with an awesome brand name that you can surely show off among your social circles. This bag has awesomely huge dimensions of 10” height, 10” width, and 5” diameter approximately. You can shop a lot of things and put it all together in this beautifully huge shopping bag.

3. Marc Jacobs Large Leather Tote

marc jacobs large leather tote

( Source: purseblog )

If you are a true leather fan and just love wearing leather shoes, then it will be awesome to pair those shoes with this magnificent leather shopping bag, a beautiful creation by Marc Jacobs. The black color of this bag makes it appear invincible and very impressive. The shoulder straps of this bag are simply awesome and can easily pull heavy weight of the shopping products without any stress and fuss.

4. Miss Marc Goes Green Tote

Miss Marc Goes Green Tote

( Source:  purseblog )

If you are an activist for environmental conservation, then this multipurpose bag is a must have for you so that you can show off your message to the society at large. With excellent handles and internal pocket, this shopping bag has a picture of a very cute penguin delivering a message of “save my pole” on it to the public. This bag can be taken along for grocery shopping, or at a beach party or anywhere you would like to spread your message regarding environmental conservation.

This bag will never fail to remind people that they still have a lot to do to the planet to make it a better place.

5. Chanel Essential Bag

chanel large essential handbag white

( Source: purseblog )

If you wish to remain modest, yet want to use a leather bag due to its durability and also want to enjoy an association with the product of a good brand name, then Chanel Essential Bag is a must have for you. This bag looks exactly like the simple paper shopping bags if seen from a distance. However, these bags are excellently made from leather and flaunt the brand name “CHANEL” on it. The beautiful leather straps make this bag easier to hold while you shop for things.

6. Valextra Shopping bag

Valextra Shopping bag

( Source: luisaviaroma )

If your wardrobe contains the colors white and black the most, then the Valextra Shopping bag is just for you. This bag has beautiful black and white stripes and fantastic shoulder straps that add the oomph factor to your sexy black dress that you always wanted to wear for a special day.

7. Tod’s Happy Shopping Picola

Tod’s Happy Shopping Picola

( Source:  purseblog )

If you believe in acquiring simple things rather than the showy stuff that hardly works and just leaves you fumbling around then Tod’s Happy Shopping Picola is the best shopping bag for you to have around when you go for shopping with your close friends or family. It has a beautiful pocket in the front that has a gold embellished metal that enhances this black beauty. The leather shoulder straps are really soft in texture and make it easier to carry your shopping weight.

8. Versace Metallic Monogram Bag

versace metallic monogram bag

(Source:” gemzies )

If you are totally into brand names, then this shopping bag is the best for you to show off amongst your elite circle of friends. This bag is made up of soft silk and contains link chains that are engraved with the brand name “Versace”. The soft satin material makes up the most of the internal pockets giving you a soft touch every time you dig in your shopping bag.

9. Botkier Bombay Tote

Botkier Bombay Tote

( Source: purseblog )

If you simply love chocolate, the taste, the smell, the texture and the color of it then this shopping bag is made just for you. Available in a beautiful chocolate brown color, this Botkier creation is made of the softest of the leathers and contains buttons and zips made of brass that develop a contrast look that looks beautiful beyond words. This shopping bag is really big being around 13” wide and 20” long.

10. Michael Kors Ostrich Drawstring Satchel

Michael Kors Ostrich Drawstring Satchel

( Source: purseblog )

As irresistible as the butterscotch ice cream with the same color and supple texture, this shopping bag will surely make the onlookers eyes pop in amazement towards the beauty of this Michael Kors’s creation. This shopping bag uses the perfect combination of beads, metal, drawstrings and intricate stitching patterns. The two front pockets allow you to store whatever you want and need immediately.

11. Mulberry Shimmy Tote

Mulberry Shimmy Tote

( Source: psyche.co.uk )

One of the many beautiful creations of Mulberry, this beautiful shopping bag is available in the dark navy or purple color. The smooth black leather body and beautiful leather straps extended from base rings enhances the beauty and functionality of this shopping bag. The two long and short shoulder straps can be removed or attached according to your whims if you want to use the bag as a tote or as a shoulder satchel. The shiny texture and supple color of this bag makes it appear very beautiful.

12. Prada Quilted Nylon Satchel

prada quilted nylon satchel

( Source: purseblog )

A perfect combination of beauty and space at the same time, this Prada creation is huge enough to bear your shopping stuff. If you just loved those handmade quilts when you were a kid, then this quilted leather nylon bag is just for you. The leather is soft to touch and suits amazingly with the nylon material. The two shoulder straps are long and short; the long one can be removed or attached depending upon your mood. The straps bear buckles that enhance the beauty of the shoulder straps. The short braided handle is something that you would surely love to hold and show off.

A fantastic shopping bag makes the whole experience of shopping rather enjoyable.



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