Christmas time is here and if you are expecting and want to sizzle in new maternity outfits, then here are a few style trends that are hot and right off the burner to pick from.

Chic Menswear Styles

Menswear inspired maternity clothing is trending this season. So choose from a variety of stretchy legging styles and pair them appropriately with over sized button down shirts. A dark shade of leggings will go well with any type of shirt fabric and color. Try peach, olive and mustards this winter. Go with a printed scarf to make it a little dressy.

Color Blocks

Color block dresses and tunics are the in things in fashion this year. From sleeveless to full sleeved, these dresses come in a number of styles. 2 color or multicolor, color blocking is the way to go for the party time. These can be used even later by using a belt around the waist.

Printed Beauties

Printed dresses are other trending designs in maternity wear. When choosing printed outfits make sure you pick big and bold prints, as they will add to the grander image. Fine prints in blacks are classics that will be a safer bet.


Choose a pair of slim leg jeans and pair them the classic back-drop top. This will accommodate your bump way into the later stages of pregnancy. Maternity clothes by Simply Be displays a wide range of slim leg jeans to choose from. Go for the colored ones as they are the latest in maternity fashion.

Bow Wow

A sleeveless maternity tunic gathered at the waist by a bow is a way to wow your way through any party scene. A bow assembled tunic looks fabulous when worn on jeggings or slim leg jeans and paired with ballerinas to match. To protect you from the cold use a blazer and a printed scarf that match with the color scheme of the tunic.

Extended Size Pants

These are easy to wear and go well with most tops. Pairing them with bright colored jersey capes will make you party ready in a jiffy. Shop online for these maternity clothes by Simply Be and add to your collection of maternity wear this winter.

Overall Skirts

Having a baby bump does not mean you cannot rock in a skirt. The trick is finding something that accommodates your growing belly. Try skirts with suspenders which will keep the waist line of the skirt high and allow you enough breathing space.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and grab your pick of maternity clothing for the winter season.


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