Trench coats are classic winter wardrobe favorites that will never go out of fashion.  With Black Fridays and all kinds of festive deals, this is the best time of the year to go trench coat shopping.

Trench coats are basically utilitarian jackets that are available in a number of variations – from classics to embroidered, leather paneled and block colors. Here are 7 best trench coat styles that you can choose from for this year’s winter.

1. Classics


The classic trench coat is a neutral shade double breasted jacket with a waist belt and two slit pockets in the front. It can be worn over a feminine dress with or without a belt. Available in beige, brown, black and navy blue colors, you cannot go wrong with this choice.

2. Oversized Trenches

Oversized Trenches

Trench coats in this style are fitted in an A-line skirt fashion. They have a loose fit with long and wide sleeves and come with flap closure pockets in the front. They go well with any dress, even the short skirts.

3. Cropped trench

Cropped trench

This is the latest variation of a trench in recent days. It looks like a cross between a biker jacket and a classic trench. It is ideal when trying to show off your LBD.

4. Midi-Skirt Trench

Midi-Skirt Trench

This off-shoot of the classic trench comes with stylish vest-like oversized flaps and extends below the knee, to look like a midi-skirt. Some of the newer varieties also come without the classic buttons and are available in block colors.

5. Animal Prints

Animal Prints

Leopard prints are very popular in this style. They are available in shades of black and mustard. Buttonless ones look uber cool and a contrasting belt will keep the piece elegant and straight.

6. Fur collar trench

Fur collar trench

These trench coats are a little on the expensive side but will lend a royal look. It is also utilitarian in places where the winter is too harsh. They will bring warmth and add elegance to your looks.

7. Feminine trench

Feminine trench

Lilac is a great color of trench coat to have, especially if you are one of those who like to show off feminism in your clothing. Satin fabric and feminine shades of red and purple are good examples of feminine trench coats. A fabric rose or frills and trims will also make your trench look feminine.

So go ahead and make your style choice to spot the trendiest trench coat in town.

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