Cozy and fuss-free clothing are top most priority in winter when layers tend to get bulky and uncomfortable.

Here is a list of must have comfortable clothing for a winter wardrobe:

1. Tops


From T-shirts to embroidered shirts, tops come in a wide variety of fabric and designs. Denim shirts have been classics among tops for winter. Knitted floral tops are also in vogue for this season.

2. Pants


Choose from a range of denim or sweat pants this season to make you feel comfortable. Tweed and knitted pants will come to your rescue on those extremely cold winter nights when you cannot avoid going out.

3. Dress


From simple monotone sweatshirt dresses to complete woolen outfits, dresses paired with boots will continue to adorn the wardrobes of the style conscious. Two piece color block dresses are another all time favorites.

4. Leggings


Another indispensible part of winter wear is leggings. They stick to your body making you cozy but not itchy. Wool, spandex, Lycra, knitted cotton, flannel are some of the fabrics from which leggings are made. Choose the ones that make you feel the most comfortable depending on how cold it is.

5. Jeans


Skinny-stretches, regular fit and Detroit cut are the trending designs in jeans this year. Choose from color block or acid wash designs to pair with the tops in your wardrobe.

6. Sweaters and Cardigans

Sweaters and Cardigans

Winter is a season defined by warm clothing. Designs ranging from stripped sweaters to shawl cardigans are in vogue this year. Choose from a variety of textures such as pure wool to mohair blends. If sweaters seem very heavy then choose sweatshirts and layer them appropriately. The choice in sweatshirts is unlimited. Tie and dye, stripes and printed sweatshirts are in. Hooded sweatshirts are out.

7. Accessories


Shoes are essential accessories of any winter wear. Ballerinas, loafers and moccasins are the choice of footwear when you go for dressing up in pants and leggings. But if you are wearing a dress then an appropriate pair of boots is a must. Starting form knee length boots, you could choose ones with fur or embellishments.

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