The Oregon Ducks is now considered among the best football schools in the United States. Oregon Ducks is now considered a brand rather than a school known for polishing talent. This year, Nike made their football uniforms. The Ducks and Nike always had a close relationship. Let’s look at the new uniform in all of its quacky details.

The helmets are Liquid Metal that debuted in the return to Rose Bowl with a new finishing. The jerseys, on the other hand, are similar the ones that the team debuted at the Rose Bowl last season.

However, the customization can be seen by the feather treatment on both sides of the shoulders. The jerseys are available in green, black, white and yellow versions.

The new uniform also includes Nike Chain Maille Mesh, which is a lightweight ultra-breathable material in both the pants and the jersey. This makes the uniform provide more durability and thermoregulation.

According to Nike’s Creative Director of Football Todd Van Horne, this is the fastest, and the lightest football uniform they ever made. This is a standard in the revolutionary uniform design according to the Head Coach Chip Kelly.

The uniform represents in game-day innovation for speed. The technology of Nike Chain Maille is the best in breathable uniform design. The padding is durable and lightweight as well which means the players find themselves in a complete armor when they go out to play.

The Nike Pro Combat uniform uses eleven different materials of pant and jersey and 16 different materials in the complete system of dress. The Chain Maille Mesh is implemented under the jersey’s arms and the back. It’s also placed down the side of the pants which allows for proper ventilation without having any effect on the durability.

The Deflex padding layers has a base layer constructed with fabric which keeps the sweat away. The overall design is accompanied by a redesigned base layer which is lightweight for maximum speed. The Fly wire collar removes the needs of two fabric layers and provides a more stable anchor.

The Oregon Ducks have become a national talking point when it comes to on field fashion. Fans love buying Oregon Ducks football tickets to watch the team go out to play in the new innovative uniform. Denise Sprengelmeyes, owner of a local design store Modern stated the Duck uniforms always made them stand out in the crowd. Let’s see if Oregon Ducks continue to grab attention in the upcoming years with their uniforms.


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