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Although there are people still dreaming of the ocean, or only now considering a vacation in a sunny place, the designers prove themselves sharp as usual and are one step ahead, bringing to the new fashion trends the best of the best in fall-winter creation for this opening cold season.

The new fashion trends develop every day into an amazing combination of styles and create for this upcoming fall a rich and luxurious display without precedent. The fall-winter tendencies for 2011 are taking us in an exciting trip from rational minimalist to feminine joy, from natural authentic to high tech future.

New Fashion Trends

This cold season’s fashion was created to mirror a multiple reflection of the society, a network of combinations that has never been presented before on the fashion scene.

The community and individuality allow each fashionista to express her own identity and personal style no matter how daring.

The movie star look comes with a game of light and shadow colors for the fall-winter collection reminding of the cinema stars from the 40s. The fashion of that age inspired an exquisite sense of elegance that now can be found in the pastel, silky nuances combined with dark colors in a sassy but elegant combination.

New Fashion Trends

This season’s fashion is defined by refined materials and quality designs and creates a sophisticated woman. The seductive frivolity and the masculine allure are combined in a clothing cocktail of a great sensuality presented in all the major collections of the designers like Dior, Cavalli and Dolce & Gabbana.

Luxurious, sumptuous and ethnic are uniquely combined in the fashion of this season. A fashionista has to know that shinning items and the voluptuous accessories celebrating the richness of the fall bring amazing combinations of the gipsy, Irish, country and Russian trends in an unexpected association of styles, sometimes random or even contradictory. The women can become creative, styling themselves as fabulous divas or shabby and chic freedom spirits.

The fascination for the wide opened, cold spaces, in which the wind can enter by any means possible, has come to an end. From this world of ancient customs a new fashion style was born, with a cult for the clothing worn under the wide covers prepared for a wet and cold outside weather. Covering in style offers the ladies the possibility of inventive color associations for a spectacular presence on the street or inside a party room.

The trendy materials for this fall-winter season bring thick fabrics for coats and capes, in dark nuances, printed wool and flannel, cotton and quilted materials, leather and mutton fur imitation combined with feminine fabrics like lace, silk and crepe. The folklore introduces in the scenery colorful jackets with fur around the neck reminding of the cold Siberian winters.

New Fashion Trends

The colors of this fall go back to the traditional of this season imitating the aspect of the steppe grass in a smooth combination of grey, yellow and green smartly associated with petrol blue and beige. The color combinations are associated with melted glass, Celtic patterns and ethnic jewelry.

The accent goes on the long coats and wool blouses covering a large part of the body. The clothes decorated with Jewels and embroidering with different patterns and ornaments are also present. The skirts are made of satin; they are silky and beautifully printed.

The feminine look is the right recipe even for the career successful fashionistas. According to the most designers, the 2011 fall-winter season brings two major parallel directions: the luxury – not excessive but feminine – discretely and carefully designing a diva look, and the naturally simple allure, minimalist forms using a rich combination of fabrics.

The oversized shoulders of the coat jackets, the one shoulder dresses, the leather jackets, the animal prints, the sculptural skirts and shining decorations are all remaining as items of the fall-winter season 2011.

Fashionistas should consider the acquisition of very tall musketeer boots. High heel or no heel is equally fashionable as long as they are over the knee line. This type of boots are a must have for this season, the taller, the better, generating a daring – sexy look for any pair of legs. The fashionistas with an attitude can choose tie height boots and miniskirts for an even sexier look.

Made of leather, elegant or rock style, varnished and shining black, the large offer of boots brought by this fall promises a very fashionable walk.

New Fashion Trends

Capes, coats, shawls and other covers are back in style. There has been a while since they were last present in such a great number for the colder season, but the major fashion houses presented inside their designer’s collections a great number of capes and coats. The short capes promise to be the hottest trend for the fall as the long coats and capes are perfect for the winter… and of course the large shawls are the right outfit item for any event or moment of the day.

The 80s chic is totally back. Along the tall, stiff shoulders, the fall-winter 2011 signals a come back of the 80s style dresses and outfits made so familiar by Cindy Lauper. Strong colors, ruffles and puffy sleeves were all present on the fashion podiums for this “time after time” line in fall-winter collections.

The fashionistas of the world should really consider their biker glam nature. The rebel side of every woman can be let run free in so many leather outfits, from pants to skirts and corsets, all decorated with shiny accessories and glamorous elements.

New Fashion Trends

The Russian doll is also back in style. Under the conditions of an economical crisis the fashion becomes surprisingly creative encouraging an image of luxurious tsarina, with fur coats, embroidering, rich fabrics and outstanding jewelry.

Metallic shining has a powerful representation this fall-winter season. The outfits and accessories in silver and gold abounded on the fashion catwalks bringing as a novelty the shining copper nuances very fashionable this fall.

Color blocks are the last major trend item. With the 80s coming back the one-color-outfits are making a stand using strong nuances in combination of neutral pieces. The most shining choices of the designers were yellow and pink, excellent for brightening up the gloomy fall days.

The creativity has no limits this season and the collections present in the shops promise streets full of glamorous fashionistas wearing with pride the outstanding outfits meant to create a more feminine and more seductive look.


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