The spring 2013 runways are here and give you the best of styles that will trend in the days to come.

Though outfits are most sought after, make-up, especially the eye makeup kind will be the biggest show stoppers of the season.

Here are 8 different styles to glam up your eyes in the coming season.

1. Copper Cats

Copper Cats

Drawing inspiration from retro themes, the makeup artists came up with this way of dressing the eye. Using shimmering copper pigments as accents to the upper eyelid in line with the 60’s cat eye application was the distinct feature observed at the Chloe Fashion Show.

2. Graphic Inspired

Graphic Inspired

These bold colors dabbed on the eyes are highlighted in black to give an eye-on-eye look. Pairing bright pigments with graphic eye liners is the latest trend in the fashion shows that concluded recently.

3. Go Banana

Go Banana

Banana inspired eyeliner styles are another trendy way to display your eyes during the next Spring. The technique is to draw a curve shape (resembling a banana) just above the crease of the eye, using bright-hued eyeliner.

4. Hot Pink

Hot Pink

Use of pink is not new to those following eye makeup trends very closely. But this hot pink color goes over the top and highlights both the eyes and eyelashes. This style is specially recommended for party hoppers and pub crawlers.

5. Stripped Eyes

Stripped Eyes

At the Fendi show, models were seen sporting this new look where 2 or more colored eyeliners were used to outline the lower part of the eyes. Use of thin fabric strips in lieu of eyeliners is an alternative you can explore.

6. Stone Eyes

Stone Eyes

Embellished eyes are the latest in eye makeup. Elongated cat eyes painted in shimmering pastel shades were accentuated by the use of crystals and Rhine stones.

7. Smoky Twists

Smoky Twists

Give your eyes a smoky make up inspired by the 80’s trend. Use bright shades of pink, blue and grey to lend a modern touch to the style.

8. Rimmed Eyes

Rimmed Eyes

Green and blue are the two popular colors in this style. Use eyeliners of this shade to highlight your eyes. It looks especially great on those with light eye colors. This eye makeup will be ideal for those who want to add just a hint of glamour by avoiding all other makeup on the face.

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