A sweater dress may seem like an unlikely choice for a thanksgiving dinner.

The trick is to choose something that does not cut too close to the waistline, but at the same time keeps you cozy enough.

Here are a few style tips on how sweaters dresses can be transformed into perfect costumes for the occasion.

1. Sweater and tights

Sweater and tights

You can never go wrong with this combination. The black sheer tights paired with the classic light knit sweater are just the right thing for the occasion.  Pair it with minimal accessories such as a long silver chain and pendant.

2. Leather and knits

Leather and knits

Leather and knitted fabric may sound like an unlikely combination. But this red dress with leather sleeved accents will quell all doubts. Gathered well at the waist and giving enough room for the time after a sumptuous thanksgiving meal, this dress will be more than just a style statement for the evening.

3. Neck warmers

Neck warmers

If you do not want to invest too much on a sweater dress and like to dress on a budget this year, then just get yourself a stylish woolen neck warmer to match a dark unitone dress that you already have. Just pair them with knee high boots and you are ready to go.

4. Lace sweater dress

Lace sweater dress

A simple sweater dress with delicate lacework in contrasting color on the top is an elegant piece to have in your wardrobe for this party season. The color combinations can vary from black, white, gold, brown and shades of gray. The fabric can range from cotton knits to woolen knits. Woolen knits can once again be the closed set ones or the open setting ones. Whatever you choose will be right this season.

5. Fringes, tassels and more

Fringes, tassels and more

Another style to try this season is the party friendly fringed sweater dress designs that are hot on the racks. You could go for a simple woolen polo neck dress or try out a heavily fringed mohair dress. Whatever you do, accessorize intelligently. Add a pair of metallic heels and throw on a long necklace; go for overcoats, vests or an oversized cardigan to complete the look.

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