With winter season just around the corner, it is time to get your warm clothing out.

Coats are an indispensible part of winter clothing and give you the best of opportunity to flaunt your style during this season.

Here are the 7 latest trends that will help you choose the right ones for your winter wardrobe.

1. Animal Prints

Animal Prints

From leopard spots to zebra prints, animal inspired designs are here to stay this season. One can go for a monotone zippered piece or one with an open collar to sport a designer scarf. There are also Chinese-collar inspired coats available in these prints. They go well with any outfit and also come with leather or fur on the inside to make you feel warm and snug.

2. Tweed Coats

Tweed Coats

Tweed coats are best worn for informal occasions and are functional more than aesthetic. However, when combined with right pair of trousers, they will lend an elegant look to the outfit. One can choose from plain tweed coats with leather linings to the menswear-inspired double breasted ones. Tweeds are highly versatile and durable while being water proof.

3. Graphic Designs

Graphic Designs

Tribal inspired graphic designs are a rage this year among fashion followers. Even winter wear has not been spared from following this trend. From Navajo to the Masai, tribal designed coats are a must for your winter wear this year. Fur and leather lined coats are available in this range.

4. Patchwork Trench Coats

Patchwork Trench Coats

To fight the harsh weather, trench coats are a must. Traditionally trench coats come in wool, canvas or leather. However, this year fashion gurus have gone that extra mile and crafted patch work trench coats by mixing leather with fabric. This innovative way of wearing trench coats is a welcome change to those who wanted something new for their winter outerwear.

5. Bohemian Designs

Bohemian Designs

These exotic designs from the wandering nomads of Celtic regions have never failed to inspire the fashion designers. This year these design patterns are dominating the coat scene. Bohemian prints on white and black are the latest among this trend.

6. Plaid Fabrics

Plaid Fabrics

Plaid fabrics are very retro in style and give a semi formal look to the one wearing it. Again these coats made in plaid have given the designers plenty of scope to bring in masculine cuts and designs into the feminine domain. Try the double breasted styles with a hint of leather to stand out of the crowd.

7. White and Furry

White and Furry

Winter is synonymous with white and whites are a must in every wardrobe. If stark white is not your choice then try the off white shades with contrasting fur necklines.  Try the button-up style this year for a change.

Photo Credit: (www.vogue.com)


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