A watch isn’t used only so you will know what time it is. In fact it has become an important accessory for the majority of the people and a trendy guy may be one of those who are searching for the perfect piece.

1. Timex

If you are looking for a watch that is elegant and sporty in the same time, then this brand is the one for you. It comes with an off-white face and really interesting numerical details. Even though you might think that your father had one just like it, you can be sure that nothing compares to this watch.

2. Certina

If you value the times past most probably you are looking for a vintage watch. If this is the case, you have to search no more. The design of the watch is pretty simple with a white face and simple numerical details. This watch does exactly what a watch is supposed to do: measure time.

3. Mougin & Piquard

Mougin & Piquard

This is a brand that made a huge comeback last season.  This piece will draw the attention upon your wrist in a minute. It comes with an off white face and it is interesting because instead of the numbers that are supposed to show the hours, it has minutes, and there is another circle where you will find the numbers for the hours.

4. Uniform Wares
Uniform Wares

If you want to keep everything simple and minimal, look no more. This manufacturing company is known for creating simple yet elegant watches. The advantage of these watches is that they are suitable for just any style. The watch comes with a silver face and there are no numbers on it, only lines.

5. Brera

When looking for a more elegant piece, most probably you want to make sure that the colors of the watch work together. Well, you should know that brown leather and yellow gold never looked so good together. Besides looking elegant, the watch also has a vintage vibe to it.

6. Victorinox

It is said that watches from this brand are just like wine: they get better with age. However this watch is a pretty modern one, because it doesn’t only measure time but it can also tell you what day it is among other information. Usually men like the watches of this kind because they come with silver as their base color and so it is easy to match them with all kinds of outfits no matter what kind of style you plan to approach.

photos: (www.esquire.com)


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