Mad Men, the hit television show on AMC, will be returning for a highly-anticipated sixth season. This means another thirteen episodes of advertising drama, chauvinism, inner-office affairs, and plenty of alcohol. It also means the return to television of the classic ‘60s style sported by its characters.

While the 1960s may be known more for its music, Vietnam, and its Civil Rights battles, the decade also introduced a classic style so strong and masculine that today’s business class can’t quite leave it in the past.

If you’re looking to emulate such a style, here’s some Mad Men inspiration for your closet:

The Suit

If you’ve ever seen an episode of the show, you’ll be sure to notice the stylish, fitted suits that were sported on Madison Avenue at the time. These suits have prominent shoulders, a V-shape in the front, and slim lapel labels that succeed in making men look masculine. To get this style for yourself, find a suit that is tapered at the waist and slim in the lapels. And, of course, don’t forget the pocket square.

The Hat

You may not wear one yourself, but many fashion experts agree that the hat is finally back. The classic fedora seen in Mad Men faced extinction in the ‘70s but has recently reemerged as a stylish accessory. Don Draper, the main character on the show, wears classic fedoras that match his coat and give him an air of sophistication. When finding your fedora, your best bet is probably to look for one that is made out of felt and has a peak. Just a suggestion.

The Shoes

Most of the Madison Avenue Ad guys wear black leather shoes. These dark footwear accessories go perfectly with a suit, but they’ll work just as well if you’re looking for something casual. A pair of grey or brown suede Oxfords is certain to give you a look that still hearkens back to the timeless style of the ‘60s.

The Shave

One thing that was certainly not hip during the Mad Men era is unkempt facial hair. It signified a sloven hangover and little more. So if you’re looking to truly emulate Draper or one of the other male characters on the show you’ll probably want to either go to an old-fashioned barber for the full service old school shave, or just get yourself some reliable razor blades. Reliable is key, meaning sharp and precise, because a couple nicks and cuts are almost as bad as not shaving at all.

The fashions of certain decades famously go in and out of style. But the dress wear and grooming habits of the 1960s has, thus far, withstood the test of time. If you’re looking for something classical that won’t go out of style, you might want to check out AMC this spring and take some notes, specifically on the suits, the hats, the shoes, and the shaves!


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