Anne Hathaway, the gorgeous cat woman of the latest Batman flick is said to look best when dressed in a white gown.

She has graced many events and occasions and dazzled many red carpet events in many variants of this immaculate shade called white.

Let’s have a look at the 10 best ways she has displayed this color so far.

1. Grecian half shoulder

Grecian half shoulder

Anne looks stunning in this special flowing gown with a half shoulder and a flowing sleeve accent. The delicate attire has been well balanced by use of exclusive gems. The neckline has been tactfully kept bare to avoid distraction from the subtle flow of the draped column.

2. Leggy lass

Leggy lass

Dressed just right for this charity event, Anne sports a figure-hugging white gown. The design is an epitome of perfection. The plunging neckline and minimal accessories have contributed to the flattering figure that she holds so elegantly.

3. Lace and bow

Lace and bow

This all lace gown shows off the grace with which Anne can pull off any costume. The oversized bow that covers her bust in contrasting black is a reminder of her perfect curves. The artfully done up do and the black clutch to match add the extra bling to the entire outfit.

4. Tiers of joy

Tiers of joy

Another fabulous creation of designer Valentino for this young lady is this layered gown that goes so well with her hour-glass figure. Her makeup artist has done a great job in highlighting her eyes with a colossal eye makeup and a dash of coral on the lips.

5. Egyptian beauty

Egyptian beauty

With this simple yet stunning gown, Anne has cleared the red carpet event with a blaze. Sparkling details on the waist and neckline, coupled with her megawatt smile adds to the look and definitely takes your breath away.

6. Bling-O


Anne has pulled off this sequined mermaid creation from Armani’s collection so well for the red carpet event. The gown was meant to match the tone of her skin and hence the second skin look.

7. Vintage


This old-world inspired traditional gown looks fabulous for the fund raising gala. The capped sleeves, romantic ruffles and the floral crown go all the way in making Anne look straight out of the fairy tale book.

8. Short & Sweet

 Short & Sweet

Heavily laced yet elegant gown such as this is a perfect party outfit in white. Side swept hair, a hint of gold through the accessories, and contrasting nude pumps, make for an ideal party dress.

9. Sparklers


This sparkling white gown was what she wore to host the Oscars. Accented with minimal use of gems, the lady looked perfectly set for the evening.

10. Show stopper

Show stopper

Finally with her drop dead looks in a cropped hairstyle for the premier of batman, this stunning beauty looks amazing in the Prabal Gurang outfit. This all white gown with a plunging neckline has everything that defines the couture of this gorgeous lady.

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