Fall is just around the corner and it’s time to be prepared with your fall trendy wear. Here are a few must haves to add to your fall collection this year.

1. Perfect Parkas

Perfect Parkas

Ideal for autumn and winter, parkas are the perfect answer to the winter chill. A classic parka design has been tweaked and given a military look by using olive green on the exterior. The hood is typically lined in fur to keep cool air at bay. This year, trimmer parkas are the rage. So go for the cinched waist designs and make fashion waves with your warm clothing.

2. Feline fetish

Feline fetish

Cat prints and accessories are a must-have this season. The cat motifs go hand-in-hand with the fur clothing. Try a t-shirt with a cat print and pair it with a fur ensemble to match. Go for a pair of cat motif earrings or just hang a pendent from a long chain to complete the look.

3. Leather trendy

Leather trendy

Luxury and leather are almost synonymous in the world of fashion. Matte finishes are out and louche is in. Do not limit your leather outfits to just vests and jackets. Try out the all new range of drooping t-shirts and cropped blazers this year. Go for broad belts to fasten the shirts in place.

4. Scarf crazy

Scarf crazy

Silk scarves are a must-have this season. Colorful ones, especially the striped and block printed variety are in good demand. Choose the ones that double up as stoles and create varied looks to go with different ensembles this season. Chocolate swirls and florescent accented scarves are a great pick for the scarf crazy.

5. Block busters

Block busters

Color blocked tunics in wool and terry wool are the in-things this year. Fluted blouses to frilled peplums are all available in peppy purples and bright primary colors. Pair them up with the same textured skirts for the complete fall collectible look.

6. Sailor coats

Sailor coats

Inspired by the navy, these traditional pea-coats in navy and black are making a huge comeback in the outerwear range. These coats are especially good for the later part of the season and help top off the dark basics that lie underneath. Make sure to add this to your fall-winter wardrobe.

7. Sweatshirts


Sweatshirts are never out-of-fashion. Once a staple of the gym-goers, it is now a fashion conscious’ essential pick. Available in the tradition crew neck models in varying shades of grey, the latest is however, black with dull gold prints.

photo credit: (www.harpersbazaar.com)


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