According to research by the University of Portsmouth’s UK breast biomechanic unit, many ladies are wearing the wrong bra size. Therefore it’s important to get measured in every shop and improve your womanly shape!

wearing the wrong bra size

Here’s how to tell if you’re wearing the wrong bra:

Your bra is old

Lifestyle, weight, hormones, pregnancy, age and illness can all change the shape of your breasts, so it’s important to update your lingerie selection regularly. Never wear an old bra that has lost its elasticity and always make sure you’ve got enough support. You should also buy new undergarments after having breast reduction surgery and wear a sports bra when exercising.

It rides up at the back

If you’re wearing a bra that rides up at the back, you’re not getting the necessary support. The back of the bra is probably too big and a smaller size would give you more lift. A tighter back will also help the wires at the front of the bra sit flat between your boobs – giving them a better shape. You might love the flowery undergarment you bought ten years ago, but it won’t do anything for your assets.

The shoulder straps dig in

Tight, painful straps can also indicate that you’re wearing the wrong size bra. If your bra is too big, the weight of your boobs will pull the straps into your skin causing them to leave red marks. This can become very uncomfortable and make wearing a bra difficult. If you’re suffering from this problem, it’s important to swap your old lingerie for brand new, undergarments – of the right size.

You are spilling out of your cup

If your boobs are spilling out of your bra, it’s time to go up a cup-size (or two). Your bosoms should be neatly contained and should not be bulging out the sides. Squeezing your assets into ill-fitting lingerie will leave you with an unattractive shape and could make it hard to wear tight tops or dresses. Don’t be afraid to go for a bra fitting and be proud of your voluptuous chest!

The cup is wrinkly

Wrinkling in the cup is usually a sign that your bra is too big. A smaller cup size could give you better support and should enhance your shape. Just because you’re a 36F in one shop does not mean you’ll be the same size in another, so make sure you try on all bras before you buy them. Even if you’ve recently had breast surgery, it’s still important to get enough support as this will enhance your curves and should increase your confidence.

Your bra moves around

If your bra moves as you carry out your day-to-day chores, it’s probably too big. Try a smaller cup size and make sure you’ve got the back hooks done up correctly. If your breasts spill out the bottom when you lift your arms the back of your bra might be too big or your cup-size could be small. Talk to a bra fitting expert and ask for their professional advice – you’ll feel a lot more comfortable in a decent bra

Bra fittings may seem like a hassle, but they could save you time and money in the long run.


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