Most probably you know that JKL Clothing is an online work wear company.

It is known for offering great value for money and it specializes in embroidery of corporate clothing and work wear.

In the same time it also offers extensive services regarding T-shirt printing.

JKL Clothing

Why to choose this company?

The good thing about the policy of the company is that it works with both companies and individuals and you can tailor your order to meet your personal needs. If you would like to place an order you can contact the company online or directly by phone.

Work wear

If this is something that you would like to have, it is good to know that the company offers a wide range of options so that you will find pieces that are suitable for your industry. You will find protective clothing and safety wear. In the majority of the cases the items can be delivered the next day, so the waiting time is very short.

Corporate clothing

It is just natural that the employees of a company are in the same time the ambassadors of the company and this is why it is important for them to be presentable and smart. The items that you are looking for have to be comfortable and durable. The good news is that the company can provide you with a wide selection of clothing. Besides this you could have the pieces embroidered so that they will truly represent the company.

T-shirt printing

As it has been mentioned before JKL Clothing also handles T-shirt printing. At the moment this is one of the most effective ways to promote an event or a company. The company has professionals handling both transfer printing and screen printing. This way the client can be sure that all his needs are met in the shortest period of time possible at affordable prices.


In order to make the pieces more special, you could have embroidery on them. Usually the design is based on the logo of the company. In the majority of the cases JKL offers samples and shipping to make things easier for the clients. Embroidery is available for work wear but other items as well. You can have all your work wear embroidered professionally, efficiently and fast.

As you can see JKL Clothing offers quality services and they are also working very fast. You can be sure that the company has extensive experience in the field to serve your needs.


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