Over the last few years, the popularity of wearing boots for nearly every occasion has reemerged. Whether it’s with a pair of jeans, a skirt, dressy slacks for work, or cut-off shorts, donning a great-looking pair of boots completes the outfit.

The latest boot styles on the market incorporate lots of detail and feature quality workmanship. Boots in a variety of colors with different heel styles, low or high tube heights and varying toe shapes are designed to suit any wardrobe.

New Boot Styles for Men

Most men enjoy owning several pairs of boots, one or two for work purposes and another dressier pair for special occasions. The styles and manufacturers found at Langston’s, for example, cater to each man’s personal taste and individual preferences. These boots include everyday work boots that provide superior functionality and lasting comfort. Durable work boots may be sturdy, waterproof and fit with protective cushioning and reinforced steel toes, but they also feature individual design detailing and a splash of color for style.

The classic cowboy boot is a time-tested favorite that is both functional and tasteful. Familiar boot makers such as Tony Lama offer a choice of leather that ranges from smooth, tan cowhide to exotic black ostrich leather. The boots offered from Dan Post have a sophisticated and classic style that will be noticed. The choices available through Langston’s include a variety of boot designs, functionality and price ranges.

Women’s Boots for Any Occasion

For women, buying a good pair of boots becomes a lasting investment that normally extends over several seasons. Women who require a solid pair of work boots need to rely on superior fit and comfort, but also appreciate classic good looks. Many women now work at the same jobs as men, and require a highly functional boot. Being feminine is still a factor, however, and the latest boots add just enough color and style to still be fashionable.

For dressier occasions, wearing a new pair of black and red Ferrini boots, for example, makes any women feel feminine and well-dressed. The intricate details such as floral patterns, inlaid studs and two-tone designs found with the Old Gringo line make a definitive fashion statement. Langston’s selections include favorite brands that are designed strictly for women. These boots are available in pretty colors such as purple, aqua and lime, and will set off a new pair of jeans and coordinated top.

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