Accessories can do wonders for an outfit and so it is no wonder that the jewelries are so important. The designers showed off their ideas on the runways and among them we have to mention Lanvin and Chanel who came up with sophisticated, classic and chic ideas.

Back in Black

Back in Black

The designers such as Pucci, Prada, Carolina Herrera and Gvenchy all made sure that black will be back for the cold season. The jewelry that stood out in the collections came with a black shade. This was combined with metals, furs, leather and so on. It is interesting to mention that there were a lot of items with a gothic touch.

The military

The military

One of the hottest trends of the season is the jewelry inspired by the military style. The pieces of jewelry of this kind include epaulettes, stars, gold buttons, medallions, and so on. This trend was rocking on the runways of Temperey London, Givenchy, Victoria Beckham and many others.

A splash of color

A splash of color

In some cases the collections were dominated by a rainbow of colors. Some of the designers, such as MiuMiu, Louis Vuitton, and Marc Jacobs ensured that their jewelry had all the colors of the rainbow on. These pieces included embellished ensembles, earrings, necklaces, and other such items.

Statement earrings

In order to make an outfit truly unique you have to make sure that you rock some eye-catching earrings. These should be large and bold, with any color that you like. The only rule that you have to consider is that the color of the earrings must match the rest of the outfit.

Color fever

When it comes to the colors, you should expect to see a lot of turquoise and also a lot of coral. In the same time the neon colors seem to gain a lot of popularity. Another star of the season is rose gold and the best thing about it is that it can bring to life even the most boring outfit.

Statement necklaces

If you are one of the fashion forward women, you will have to make sure that you wear some statement necklaces. These are supposed to be very ornate and to pay a lot of attention even to the smallest details. In the majority of the cases these necklaces are mixing different patterns and they require a lot of confidence. The textures are also mixed, including wood and diamonds among others.

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