Celebrities are trendsetters and style icons. Often, they lead the way when it comes to defining hip fashions for their generation.

Many products have become trendy because of celebrity sightings with the product or because of paid endorsements by a popular star.

Choose a Parallel Personality

In looking for a style to copy, pick a celebrity you can identify with. The Lady Gaga look is not for you if you are not normally flamboyant and cheeky. Perhaps, Reese Witherspoon’s understated elegance may be more suitable for your retiring personality.

Choose a Similar Body Type

Kim Kardashian can get away with body-hugging, cleavage-baring outfits because of her frame. If your body type is far from the voluptuous Jessica Rabbit kind, look to the Olsen twins or various fashion models to inspire your style.

Clothing styles will enhance some body types and overwhelm others. Most celebrities will have their measurements included in their public bios, so it should be easy to find out which stars approximate your measurements. Look closely at their outfits and copy only the flattering styles.

Style and Your Lifestyle

Celebrities can get away with outrageous outfits because they are in the business of being creative. If your occupation requires a more buttoned down style than Rihanna’s hit-or-miss outfits, you will probably be better off trying Nicole Kidman’s mostly staid outfits.

If your lifestyle is more laid back and hip like the guys in “The Big Bang Theory,” by all means relish your T-shirt and jeans look. This style is easy on the eye and the budget especially with a little help from TV Store Online merchandise.

This online retailer of modish tees is the go-to source for Hollywood-inspired outfits. The selection is as varied as the TV Guide menu. Merchandise is made of quality materials and design features fun touches inspired by television shows, comic book characters and popular films.

Tips for Looking Like a Star

It is advisable to do a reality check before investing too much on looking like your favorite celebrity. Always remember that celebrities may not actually be paying for their outfits and accessories. Celebrities are often given or lent their outfits and accessories to create a buzz for the items.

With this in mind, copy your favorite celebrity’s style by finding the scaled down versions of the outfits and accessories. Retailers have perfected the art of knock-offs with similar items available off-the-rack very quickly.

Imitation is the best form of flatter, but stamps your style with your own persona. Choose to wear only the outfits that suit your personality, body type, and lifestyle.


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