Although you might think that there is nothing that could make you long for fall, you should take a look at the latest collection of Theory. This is a collection that oozes classicism with an edgy vibe. No matter what style you are after for this fall, you can be sure that Theory can help you with it.

Theory Fall Collection


If you take a look at the collection of the label you will find work appropriate and smart casual pieces. The best thing about the collection is that it comes with a fun twist. After you’ve seen these clothes you will never think again that work clothes are boring and dull.


When looking for clothes for work there are three attributes that you should be after: cozy, practical and sharp. At first this may sound quite difficult to accomplish, but after you see the collection, you will change your opinion. The secret is that each outfit should have an element that highlights it.

Androgynous flair

You can be sure that you will find in the collection a lot of neutrals. When it comes to the kind of clothing you should expect, think about long sleeved shirts, silhouette-enhancing jackets, classy blazers and amazing boots. These items are great because they are versatile and they offer you the possibility to mix and match.

Have some fun

Besides all the classic and traditional pieces you should also have some fun clothes that inject life into your wardrobe. If this is what you are after, think about the lightwash jeans, fun sweaters and edgy leather pants.


For sure you know by now that the most important piece of the season is the jacket. Through the modern designs it will become possible to stay stylish and to be warm. This can be achieved through choosing from capes and leather jackets with or without shearling inserts.

When looking for a new jacket the most important factor that you should keep in mind is for the item that you get to be versatile. This way you will be able to wear it with numerous different outfits and you won’t need to spend a lot of money on the different items.

Make sure that you will take a look at the fall collection of Theory and you could also make a list of all the things that you would like to get. Just make sure that you have the budget to get them.

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