Despite the decades-old stereotype that most guys would rather do anything else than go shopping with their girlfriends, things in the fashion and shopping department of a lot of relationships these days have been changing. Now, a lot of guys enjoy shopping, sometimes even more than their girlfriends! The road is tricky, however – here are a few tips you should use to make sure your shopping trips together don’t end in disaster:

1. Be Patient

This one’s for guys, especially. Woman love shopping around, finding the best deals, and just enjoying the time spent at the mall. A lot of guys find the act of shopping as a challenge to be the most efficient, planned out, calculated trip possible. What each person has to understand is that guys and girls approach the activity differently. Girls, also be aware of how your guy is feeling. He might seem very patient and willing to go to every store you want to, but inside he might think it’s more boring than watching the grass grow. Both people need to be sensitive to each other.

2. Have Fun

Spice it up! Have your guy try on some really nice clothes for a change. Don’t let the price tag scare you away – dress like a celebrity and see how it looks. Guys, who knows: the girls just might like your new threads so much, you might just expect it for your birthday. And guys, throw some flirting in; nothing attracts a girl more than seeing her man dressed up and flashy, with eyes only for her. Treat the experience like you would any date.

3. Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice

One of the most important things to always do when you’re out shopping with your significant other is to always let them know how great they look. It’s one of the worst feelings for someone to feel like they can’t look good in new clothes! Let her know her new RejuvaHealth leggings make her look like a model, that his new blazer would be the most fashionable addition to his entire wardrobe, and of course, hint that there will be lots of dates following new clothes purchases to show them off. Most importantly is to have fun and be honest with other.

Girls, sometimes guys are just not in the shopping mood. And guys, sometimes girls just need to hear their guy say she looks great! Follow these tips, and look forward to a great shopping trip. Then you’ll truly learn clothes don’t make the man (or woman) – the attitude does.


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