The truth is that there are a lot of women who are sad because summer is coming to an end, but if they take a look at the fall items that the designers have come up with, they might have a change of heart. One of the labels that we can rely on in this case is Oscar de la Renta.

Oscar de la Renta’s Touch

Top goals

When it comes to the latest collection we can see that the top goal of the label is to achieve refinement and elegance. The main point isn’t to offer utilitarian vibes, but sophisticated and elegant ensembles that help women get in the spotlight each time.

The latest campaign

Oscar de la Renta’s Touch 1

In the latest campaign of the label we can see Katryn Kruger and Candice Swanepoel. It is interesting to mention that the majority of the latest items have an optimistic allure to them both from the color’s and prints’ point of view. If we didn’t know that these are fall items we could think that they are meant for the spring.

Playing around

If you take a look at the latest collection you will notice that the designers weren’t afraid to play with the proportions of the airy strapless dresses, they used bold but sophisticated tones and they focused on the accessories. In order to make a classy statement there is need for attention to details. We also have to mention that the new items have a lot of surprising touches.


Oscar de la Renta’s Touch 3

When thinking about the accessories we have to mention the necklaces that seem to be in the spotlight. However we also have to add that all the jewelry is worthy to be noticed as they become an important part of the outfits.


In this case the clutches come with a lot of rhinestones and their main point is to add the perfect finishing touch to the outfits. One of the most interesting features of the clutches is that some of them come with exotic skin texture. This, besides being trendy also adds the clutches to the list of the most covetable items of the collection.


Although we are used to the traditional fall colors, like brown and black, this collection surprises us with hues of pink and blue. This is something unexpected but we have to admit that it makes people more optimistic and because of them women are less likely to think of the rainy fall days.

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