When the warm season comes we can expect to see some clothing items with floral prints. Although this isn’t a popular print for fall, it looks like this fall is an exception. For sure you know that this was a popular print in the spring and it looks like it will be reinvented for the fall. However the prints will become edgier, darker and more luxurious.

Floral Trend Reinvented for Fall

What to expect

According to the Vogue fashion director the flower fabric motifs along with the lace overlays add to the dresses an air of ornateness. These dresses add a new meaning to flowers in winter.

Most probably you are interested in the way the designers see this new trend.

Dolce & Gabbana

The fashion house presented a few clothes with this design in its latest collection. It is interesting to mention that the dresses didn’t only come with floral prints, but we could also see floral embroidery on the many items like dresses, jumpsuits, and even shoes and bags.


Floral Trend Reinvented for Fall 1

The designers from Erdem had another approach to the floral prints. In this case the flowers were gloomier and the base color of the prints was a lot darker. Nonetheless we also have to note that the prints were still beautiful and really feminine. Maybe these are more appropriate for the rainy season.

Burberry Prorsum

In this case the floral prints were a bit downsized, or muted. This way the clothes become just perfect for the women who usually opt for the monochrome outfits. Although the dresses come with floral prints, they aren’t too colorful or screaming.

Temperley London

Contrary to the other dresses, the dresses of this label had a summery vibe to them because the flowers of the dresses were bold and bright. The main point of the prints is to look cheery and lively instead of the simple and somewhat ‘sad’ regular designs.


You might say that the designers of Osman just made the print more complicated, but if you take a closer look to the print you will see that it becomes more interesting. You will get the feeling that there is an Oriental vibe to the prints.


In this case the floral prints are feminine and cute. The interesting thing about the flowers is that they come in 3D and usually you can find them on the full skirts, enhancing the playful look of the clothes.

photo credit: (www.millionlooks.com)


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