This summer there are two stars regarding footwear: slippers and bejeweled sandals. No matter which option you choose, the good news is that both of them are comfortable and they can become the perfect addition to just any outfit.


Demure dark

Celebrity Summer Shoes

If the ballet pump isn’t suitable for your outfit you can consider the demure dark slippers that can complete any outfit. Although these have a masculine look to them, they are still very easy to wear.

Prints and patterns

Celebrity Summer Shoes 2

We all know that this season the animal patterns are very trendy and so it is no wonder that this print also made it to the world of shoes. Although you may think that these are easy to mix and match, you should know that you should never wear them if you have any other piece of clothing with animal patterns.

Bold colors

Celebrity Summer Shoes 3

Although the nude and black slippers are easy to mix and match, those that come in luxurious cobalt or poppy pink draw a lot more attention upon themselves. Make sure that the vivid colors won’t scare or intimidate you.

Bejeweled sandals

Wearing shoes of this kind can really spice your look up. The truth is that during the summer it is difficult to wear jewelry so you could wear jewels on your shoes.

Kim Kardashian

Celebrity Summer Shoes 4

She decided to go for two of the hottest trends of this season: the maxi dress and the bejeweled flat sandals. If you would like to get shoes just like hers you should look for studded gladiator sandals, something like the ones offered by Nine West Shoes.

Miranda Kerr

Celebrity Summer Shoes 5

The same trend is followed by the model as well. She went for a mint green dress and flat bejeweled sandals. If you take a look at her style you will see that she has no other jewelry on, this way making sure that she doesn’t have too much bling.

Jessica Alba

Celebrity Summer Shoes 6

The flat shoes aren’t really for her, so instead she opted for studded platform sandals. Although the summer is really hot, she opted for skinny jeans, a blouse and a blazer for the daytime.

Hayden Panettiere

Celebrity Summer Shoes 7

A similar style was seen in case of this actress as well. She matched her shirt and her skinny jeans with flat studded sandals. It looks like she prefers the comfortable shoes for her free time during summer.

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