Fashion is a kind of art, a creative and modern way to express one’s self. This is why the designers are always trying to come up with new and modern designs that are more interesting and, in some cases, more feminine than the old ones.

Stella McCartney Sunglasses

Stella McCartney

Some of the designs that caused the most excitement in the world of fashion are the designs that Stella McCartney came up with. She chose to have a combination of vintage designs and eco-friendly materials which offer statement sunglasses that are safe for the environment.


You may have noticed that this year there were a lot of designers who oriented towards the vintage designs to achieve higher visual impact. In case of this designer we can expect to see relatively simple designs. However, when it comes to the latest sunglasses she focused on the items that made statement glasses even more glamorous.

The designer paid a lot of attention to the frames, the lenses being of less importance. It is interesting to note that in many cases the frames come with oriental patterns that are meant to enhance the feminine look of women. In the same time the purpose of the sunglasses is to draw the attention upon their wearers.


We all know that protecting our eyes during the summer is very important, so we might as well do it in style. We can say that sunglasses are the most important accessory of women so it isn’t surprising that some women are willing to spend hundreds of dollars on a pair that makes them feel unique.


When looking to this collection of sunglasses you will find round, oversized, cat eye and square frames that all have something special about them. For the women who really want to impress the people around them the designer came up with some oversized frames that come with burgundy or blue lenses.

If you are a woman who has a feminine and elegant style but still wishes to be in the center of attention, you should consider the vintage oversized style and the square frames. The lenses in this case come with two tone coloration that makes the frames look even more special.

Being eco-friendly

As it has been mentioned before, this year the designer opted for plastic that comes from natural sources. This means that you can be stylish and eco-friendly in the same time.

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