Did you ever think that there are some skirts that don’t look feminine? Well, there are, but you may want to avoid them. This season offers you a lot of options to show of your feminine side and why not take advantage of them?

Pleated skirt of the pastel trend

Enhance Your Feminine Look

These dresses combine two of the major trends of the season – pleats and the pastels. Such a swing skirt makes your look softer. Usually they come in mid length. The satin waist could add some more elegance to the look as it also draws the attention to the most advantageous body parts. You can find a skirt of this kind in the collection of Chloe.

Lace and A line

Best Skirts

Again, a skirt incorporating two important trends of the moment. The black lace skirt can add some romance to your look. The nude lining and the dark lace show us how important the comeback of lace really is. The best thing about the skirt is that it is stylish and versatile and you could wear it to informal events as well as to the office. Make sure to take a look at the collection of Valentino.

Draped and white

Best Skirts

The freshest hue of the season is white and this is why you might want to invest in a skirt of this kind. It comes with a modern design through the asymmetric look and it is important from the design’s point of view that the zipper closure is hidden from sight. You could wear it with a black shirt and a pair of colorful pumps. For sure you would like the skirt of Emanuel Ungaro.

Pencil skirt with lace

Pencil skirt with lace

The advantage of the pencil skirt is that it makes women have a fabulous silhouette. The added lace makes the skirt have a vintage feel. The skirt itself is elegant and luxurious and it shows people around you that you have good taste. Since it is of knee length, it is just perfect for formal events. Such a skirt is offered by Burberry London.

Pencil skirt made of leather

As it has been mentioned before, the advantage of the pencil skirt is that is contours the body. Since it has a high waist, it offers an elegant look but it also has a modern vibe because of the red leather. In case you have the right ensemble, this skirt could make you pop. Consider the leather skirt offered by Jitrois.

Long skirt

Skirts Enhance Feminine Look

One of the favorite items of this year is the long skirt. Besides practicality, these also add a feminine touch and beautiful line to the lower part of your figure. During the night you should wear it with a jacket or sweater while in the daytime match it with a blouse or T shirt that is preferably transparent. The best thing about these skirts is that they are comfortable; and during the cold days, you could layer them. Consider wearing the skirt with tights or boots to make sure that you are warm even if the temperature is low outside.

(photos credit: fashion-allure.com)


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