Nowadays, there are ways of saving money by wearing contact lenses rather than glasses. It used to be that contact lenses were the expensive option; but as demand has risen, so have the amount of ways that you can buy lenses, including online.

Sites like offer you all the different types of lenses; all you need is your prescription. By law, your optician is obliged to give you your prescription, so after you have had your check up, you do not have to buy from the optician; you can instead take away your prescription and get the same lenses at a discounted price online.

The whole package of getting your eyes tested, lenses, solution, and after care appointments can result in high costs once it’s all added up. Glasses can prove costly too. You need to change the lens of your glasses every time your prescription changes; this can happen quite a few times over the course of your young life and definitely into your senior years. The cost of changing the lens in your glasses can be very expensive, as it often works out cheaper just to buy a new pair of glasses.

The bottom end of good quality glasses can be just above the one hundred mark, and it can go up into the thousands depending on how stylish you want your glasses to be. Rather than going to all that effort, it might just work out better for you all round to purchase monthly lenses from websites like with your prescription from the optician.

For example, Air Optix monthly lenses can be purchased for £99.58 for a thirteen month supply. The thirteenth month is a free pair, and delivery is free! There are cheaper options in 3 and 6 month supplies if that’s easier for you, but buying in bulk works out cheaper overall.


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