If there is one word that can fully characterize the latest collection of Salvatore Ferragamo then it is ‘energy’. The clothes of the collection make it easy for women to steal the spotlight. It looks like the designers used all their imagination to bring feminine elements to the pieces.

Why is the latest collection special?

The designers managed to maintain the heritage of the fashion house and they came up with glam elements that simply scream for attention. The brand is well-known for the perfectly crafted leather elements but this time there is a special touch to the collection.

The show

There were 40 garments presented in front of 700 guests who got amazed by the exotic prints and the glamorous embellishments that managed to bring something new to the fashion scene. This kind of resort-wear turns out to be the perfect balance between elegance and casualness that is easy to notice. We have to mention that the approach was slightly different from what we were accustomed to expect from Ferragamo but the result was surely captivating.

What can we see?

The majority of the pieces of clothing come with luxury leather, exotic prints and sexy fringes. Naturally crochets with a Western allure that is elegant, feminine and modern are also part of the collection. There are a lot of different styles that can be seen, ranging from fringed dresses to biker jackets.

Casualness and uniqueness

The pieces of clothing have become even more interesting because of the cross-laced stitching. This detail was applied in case of trousers and vests. Such pieces are just great for women to show the world that they have an ironic style while being extremely fashionable.


It looks like according to the collection it is a must to have dresses next year and this is why these pieces of clothing represent an important part of the collection. There are simple and short dresses but we can also see dresses with fringes and asymmetric frocks. The designs become even more interesting because of the use of crocodile and snakeskin prints.


The colors were chosen to enhance the styles. It is no wonder that we can see pigmented and warm colors. We can also frequently see thigh-high boots and bags that are a must have for all the fashionistas who want the look of tomorrow today.

Now you know what to expect for the next collection and you can already make room in your closet for the latest items that you will buy.

(photo credit: http://www.fashion-style.becomegorgeous.com)


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