Although the majority of the girls don’t really think about the cold season yet, the designers are already working hard to present their latest collections for the next season.

If you take a look at the latest collection of Primark, you will hardly wait for the cold season to come.

Hues and colors

Primark Autumn Winter Collection

After the first look at the lookbook, you will see that it is filled with a lot of different colors, not to mention all the patterns that you can see.

This collection is here to prove that the chilly and windy season doesn’t mean that girls can only wear grays and browns. You should get prepared for playing with colors, mixing and matching them.

Main inspiration

It is easy to see that this collection was inspired by retro styles. This is why it is no wonder that we can see flower and geometric patterns in case of the majority of the clothes. Naturally the retro designs are also present that can be seen in case of the jackets, skirts and pants.

Primark Autumn Winter Collection

Going traditional?

Primark Autumn Winter Collection

If you don’t mind all the traditional autumn colors, you can be sure that you will find them as well in the collection. If you are looking for items that you can wear with just anything, go for the items in neutral hues. You can mix and match them with the more daring and bold colors.

The collection comes with numerous items that are just perfect for all the young ladies out there. These include blouses, cozy and loose sweaters and the tailored pants. For a cool vibe in your style, you should think about the boots that come in two colors, like black and white, that can be matched with just any outfit.

What’s missing?

Although at first it looks like the collection has it all, you should know that the collection isn’t a suitable one for the girls who are looking for a sophisticated look. Although the clothes are ladylike, they have nothing of the classic elegance that some girls are looking for.

This is the perfect collection for the girls who want to have a leisure style while still maintaining their somewhat feminine look. The best thing about the collection is that it comes with comfortable items. This means that you don’t have to give your style up just to be comfortable during the cold season.

All girls have to make sure to look at this collection. The inspiration is there for you to find.


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