In the majority of the cases the professionals say that the clothes we wear should be a perfect fit, this being the rule of thumb in fashion. However during the fall season the designers seem to have forgotten about this concept and they came up with numerous big and oversized pieces of clothing.

What oversized clothes to wear?


Although the coats are oversized that doesn’t mean that they won’t look just perfect on you. For instance you should take a look at the coats of Jil Sander that are delicate and feminine. Francesco Scognamiglio and Mary Katrantzou also came up with designs of this kind, but they also added prints to them. Moschino and Gucci preferred the military approach.

Sweaters, tops, jackets and cardigans

In this case the variety that you will find is even larger. You will find asymmetrical hemlines, puffy rounded sleeves, and large eccentric collars. Naturally there are also some other elements of the tops that you will find the next season. The designers who adopted this style include Chloe, Balenciaga, and Ports 1961.


The majority of women didn’t even give up on the wide trousers yet and the designers already moved on to the oversized trousers. They are almost the same, still they are either bigger or a lot bigger. These can be seen in the collections of Sportmax, St. John, MaxMara and Robert Verino.

Dresses and skirts

Usually women like to show off their curves and their silhouettes, but in this case they will have to give up the tight fitting pieces of clothing and go for the puffy ones. These items could also be ball shaped. Some of them are simply big.

Tips for wearing the items

One of the best things that you could do when wearing items of this kind is to match the oversized pieces of clothing with stretch or tight fitting ones to achieve a contrast. This way you will be able to show off at least a small part of your silhouette.

Although usually the accessories are an important part of the outfit, in this case you should avoid them. This is because it is important for the oversized clothing to be in the center of attention.

When it comes to the oversized items you should know that the bigger they are, the better. However if you feel like you have gone too far, you could use a belt.

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