If we were to choose only one word to characterize the latest collection of Free People then that is ‘contrasts’. Actually what we can see is a game of combinations. This collection is just perfect for the girls who aren’t afraid to try different flirty combos.


The best thing about the collection is that it offers you the freedom to try unique and outstanding ensembles, to match and mix the different kinds of prints, patterns and colors. If you are looking for a girly effect there is nothing better than the knee-high socks with mini dresses.

If you prefer the maxi dresses, here is an idea for you: pair them with army style jackets. You could also try matching them with long cardigans or sweaters. In this case there are no elements that are too much or too wild. You just have to use your creativity and don’t forget to be bold.


The girls who are looking for the perfect transition pieces should really give this collection a shot. The good news is that the majority of the pieces can be used during the warm days (and they are comfortable too) but in the same time they are also appropriate for the chillier fall days.

What can you find?

The collection comes with numerous sweaters, jeans, cardigans, blazers and jackets. In order to bring your wardrobe to new life all you have to do is to try some layering. The key is to match those elements that you normally wouldn’t and you will get a style that will make a lot of heads turn after you.

Colors, patterns and more

The majority of the pieces of clothing feature multicolor patterns, details, embellishments and prints. These help you achieve combinations of maximum impact and also to show off your rebellious side. However there are also some options for the girls who don’t want to be in the center of attention.

If this is your case you should match the printed items with neutral colors or denim. This way you will achieve the perfect style with little or no effort while maintaining your personality.

When you take a look at the new collection you should see an open invitation to a new adventure. It’s like a vacation: you should take everything that it offers, give it a spin and make it your own to make the best of it.

photo credit: (http://www.fashion-style.becomegorgeous.com)


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