It seems like the cropped tops are making a strong comeback this season. Nonetheless keep in mind that this trend isn’t for everybody, so women should really start making some crunches. It’s not only the fashion world that has adopted the style but the celebrities as well, including Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian and Daisy Lowe.

How to rock the trend

In case you think that it is suitable for you, the best way to wear a cropped top is to pair it with high-waisted skirts or trousers. The truth is that the trends reminds a lot of people of the times past, like the Madonna look in the 1980’s, the look of Gwen Stefani, Britney Spears and also let’s not forget about the looks of the actors in the movie Clueless.

Choose Cropped Tops


When it comes to cropped tops Unique really managed to come up with a unique style. In this case, the designers went for the Egyptian symbols to decorate the top. Surprisingly the top comes in a gray color with black details. It has been matched with a long skirt of the same fabric and color with stripes.

Alexander Wang

As we may have already got used to it, the designer managed to create a relatively elegant look even in case of this pretty rebellious style. He used sheer fabrics paired with leather to achieve a tough but in the same time sensitive style.


Unlike in the other cases, the designers matched the cropped tops with low-waist pants so that the models showed even more skin. The cropped tops of Acne incorporated two of the major trends, the bright and pastel colors besides the style itself.


The collection of Altuzzara featured a crop top in bright green color, that is quite surprising for this season, but nobody can say that the look wasn’t modern. It was paired with a high waist leather skirt and a jacket also made of leather. No wonder that it reminded people of the movie Matrix.

Betsey Johnson

The most interesting thing about the cropped top of Betsey Johnson is that it managed to incorporate several of the top trends of the season; besides the fact that we are referring to cropped tops that are trendy on their own, we also have to add that the top had a pastel color of bright pink and it also incorporated the design called cold shoulder. It is very difficult to top this item when it comes to trendiness.

Dolce & Gabbana

It was impossible for this fashion house not to adopt the new style. In this case the cropped top came with floral patterns that is another major trend and it was matched with an A line skirt to enhance the feminine look of the design.

Mark Fast

As it has been mentioned before, when thinking about cropped tops, a lot of people think about the style of the 1980’s and this is what the designers were inspired by in this case. It’s not only the cropped top that enhanced the feeling, but the design itself as well.


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