The best thing about the Bonaroo Festival is that almost every makeup and hairstyle is suitable for this occasion, not to mention the different kinds of clothing styles. Usually the girls wear their hair down and they have hippie headbands. The flower crowns also remind us of the hippie era.


Although it is said that jumpsuits are really difficult to pull off, some women still manage. In order to make their outfit perfect they also wear a hat (preferably made of straw) and there are boots also. The accessories that have a crucial role to play are the long statement necklaces, and the silver bracelets.

Short dresses

When it comes to the short dresses you don’t have to think about the ultra-sexy ones. These dresses are loose and casual making it possible for women to look gorgeous and amazing with little effort, even during a festival of this kind.


Believe it or not, the long socks seem to have come back in fashion. These come to the knee or higher and they can make any dress look special. If you are interested in a truly unique outfit, think of socks and a dress with peacock feather patterns. In this case the accessories are a must. It is best to have many bracelets in different colors and a statement necklace.

Keep it trendy

For a chic and bohemian look, opt for a cropped top and a high waist skirt. It is best if they are made of the same fabric. In this case your best option is to wear a pair of leather sandals and don’t forget about the matching purse either. The leather bracelets work amazing with this look too.


Nothing works better for a festival than simple white T-shirts with some patterns on them. Match the shirts with shorts and you are already good to go. Of course the purse you have also counts, so make sure that you choose wisely.

Going white

A simple white outfit is more than eye-catching. Get a white skirt and match it with a white shirt (don’t forget to show some skin). The best thing you could do is to wear a pair of white sports shoes. A large hat could also work with the outfit, and don’t forget about the backpack and the sunglasses.

There are a lot of interesting pieces of clothing that you could wear to a festival of this kind.

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