The trademarks of the latest collection of Atelier Versace are sexiness, refinement and sense of amazement. This was an important show for Donatella Versace because she returned to the Ritz Hotel in Paris that was home to her brother for several years.

The show

The designer said that it took her a lot of courage to return here were Gianni’s memory is still alive. The front rows were filled with A-list celebrities, such as Lea Michele, Pierce Brosnan and Matthew Morrison. All of the guests were amazed by the show itself, not to mention the glamorous pieces of clothing that were presented.


This is already a known characteristic of the brand and so it is no wonder that there were a lot of flirty and feminine dresses presented on the catwalk. These were made of lightweight fabrics and the designer used a lot of contrasts to bring the attention upon the dresses.

The message of the dresses

In order to make sure that women will wear the dresses with confidence, there is an unmistakable feeling of sophistication to them. The truth is that all the dresses are body-conscious and they are craving attention.


In many cases the dresses come with scarf prints and Medusa emblems. Even more, in many cases there is a combination of these two.


In the majority of the cases the designer opted for pastels, fact that usually indicates an inconspicuous, subdued and safe style. However Donatella decided to change this; she chose these colors to achieve classy pieces of clothing and to give the dresses a modern and covetable vibe.


On the majority of the dresses we can see studs, cinch belts, and small crystals. All these are meant to bring the dresses in the center of attention. This is easily achieved with the help of the high splits as well. It is true that it is difficult to achieve perfection, but we have to admit that Versace got pretty close to it.

Become a goddess

In order to make sure that you don’t go unnoticed, you don’t have to go for the discreet options. Just go for high splits, prints, sheer touches and textural contrasts that will please the goddess inside you. The best thing about the collection is that it challenges you to try different looks and different styles so that your look won’t become limited to only one style. Try as many looks as you can to find the perfect one for you.

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