There are some labels that manage to show us that fashion can reinvent itself, and one of these labels is Alexander McQueen. Since it debuted, he showed us innovation and he proved that it has a high level of attention to the details, achieving amazing and unique looks.

The latest collection

Alexander McQueen Collection

The pieces of the latest collection show that it is possible to underline the personality of women through clothing. In this new collection, there are a lot of extravagant pieces of clothing that represent a modern twist to the retro styles that for sure will make heads turn after you.

Sarah Burton

The designer manages to maintain the fame of the label for uniqueness and excellent craftsmanship. Although she kept the signature of the label, she also added to it a little bit of her own style. This way the pieces have become more feminine through the detailed garments.

Hot Glam of Resort

Just as the name suggests, the main point of the collection is to offer pieces of clothing that are just perfect for a vacation. However in case of this collection there is also some added sophistication and extravagant patterns.

Going retro

Alexander McQueen 2013 Collection

If you take a look at the collection you will notice that the main source of inspiration is the style of the 1970’s. However the designer decided to add to it a sci-fi spin. This is especially important in case of the first half of the collection that adds true uniqueness to the entire line.

Feminine and masculine

Alexander McQueen 2013 Collection

It looks like Sarah Burton decided to mix elements of the feminine style with elements of the masculine style. This way she achieved a diversity that has never been seen before. This is something that real fashion requires and there are only a few designers who can really offer it.

When rocking styles like these, it is easy for women to steal the spotlight from others. They have the possibility to opt for classic suits or high waist pants matched with flirty blouses. No matter what they opt for, they can be sure that they will achieve a sophisticated look.

Who is it for?

Since the items are so unique, the target group of the collection is represented by the women who are fashion conscious and who have something to say in this manner. We can say that all the outfits are fashion statements.


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