The sweaters are one of the most important items of the spring. This is because they are both functional and stylish. Just as in any other case, there are some trends in every season that change so you have to make sure to keep up with the latest ones.

1. Cold shoulder

In this case it’s not only the neckline that is considered to be sexy, but the hem is also pretty interesting. It dips in the back and rises in the front. Although you may think otherwise, the yam ensures that the sweater won’t end up looking sultry.

Reinvent the Spring Sweaters

2. Blossoms

When looking for a sweater for daytime, consider the ones that come with a ribbed hem and short sleeves. Also there must be some patterns in the front. If you would like to wear it in the night too, look for the sequin details that make the collarbone and the hemline pop.

3. Open season

To have an alluring style keep an eye out for the sweaters that have artistic cutouts and it is even best if the items comes with an off-shoulder style. This way you will have a casual and sexy look.

4. Cowboy couture

For a chic look, consider getting a black sweater with braided trim. The best thing about the sweaters of this kind is that they make women look slimmer because of the cutaway and swingy design.

5. Wrapped up

There are a lot of collections that come with the characteristics of the Native American culture. This is why you can find numerous graphic blanket wrap sweaters. This is a cool and comfortable way to stay on top of the trends.

6. Optical elegance

One of the most popular items of the moment is the sweater that is on the line between a tunic and a skirt. Look for the ones that come with stripes creating an optical illusion. These can be worn with leggings or jeans during the colder days of the season.

7. Mixed message

The boyfriend cardigans don’t necessarily have to be boring. Look for the special colors and patterns, such as the over-dyed pattern that comes with tea-stained placket.

8. Give your heart

If you would like to have some fun with fashion look for the patterns that are difficult to recognize at first and you have to look closely to see what they really are. This may be the perfect item to wear on a first date.

9. Shred it

When wearing shredded items you can really make people wonder, “where do you get the courage to pull it off”. The main point is to find items that are edgy and adorable in the same time. This is a great piece to wear on casual outings with friends.

10. Going underwater

The nautical designs have gained a lot of popularity lately. They make people look seaworthy but they ensure you that they won’t go overboard. Look for the pieces that combine the neutral colors with red and blue for the most dramatic effect.


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