Let’s face it: not all fashion trends are suitable for every woman. When it comes to fashion, there is one important factor that people have to think about – age. Women in their 40s simply cannot dress like women in their 20s unless they want to look ridiculous. So what to wear?

Spring Trends 2012 for Women in 40's(photo credit: boomerinas.com)

Polka dots

Although you may think that they could be too much for older women, keep in mind that they offer a youthful look and they are suitable for all ages. The advantage is that the dots can be found in orderly patterns or randomly scattered. The fabric with polka dots is something like the solids, and so you have the possibility to match it with other prints. In case you have any areas of your body that you would like to hide, one of the easiest tricks to use is to have a dotted scarf.

Color blocking

There are two main ways to use color blocking. One of them is to wear a dress, purse, top or shoes that come with different hues. The other way is to get solid items and pair them in special ways. The most important rule to remember is never to use more than three colors so that you won’t end up looking like a clown.

In case there are some body parts you want to hide, make sure that the contrasting items don’t meet there so that they draw the attention upon themselves. When choosing the colors think about wearing the most flattering color close to your face. The colors should have the same intensity.

Peplum accents

These items could be flattering or not that flattering. If you manage to get it right, the advantages of the dresses include balancing the shoulders, making the waist look slimmer and the pencil skirt can make you look like you have a feminine silhouette.

Orange and tangerine

The best thing about these colors is that they can instantly spice up any outfit. If orange isn’t really your color, you shouldn’t keep it close to your face and it may be enough to have an orange handbag, cardigan, pair of shoes or a scarf. This is one of the most important colors of the color-blocking trend.


When it comes to whites, the most important trend is to have sheer white. The best thing about it is that it is somewhat transparent, but it isn’t too revealing. You could wear items of this kind with just any kind of outfit of any color. Try to look for sheer garments while you still can because we can expect them to disappear pretty soon.

Floral patterns

It’s not just any floral pattern that you should look for, but the graphical floral patterns. These are made of stripes and dots. In order to achieve a casual and youthful look, this is the way to go.

Regarding style there are three important details – fabric, color and fit. Just keep in mind that God is in details and this applies to fashion as well.


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