For her latest collection Rachel Zoe, decided to channel all her attention towards creating a look that is really feminine which will make people’s heads turn.

It is easy to reinvent fashion through introducing new cuts, styles and materials. Through her latest collection, Rachel Zoe proves that new ideas never stop coming to the best designers.

Rachel Zoes Splash Collection


The main focus of the latest collection is to underline style but still maintaining a high level of elegance. It looks like the possibilities are endless when it comes to fashion. In this case it was very important to make sure that the items created are elegant and that they will catch the eyes of women.

Wearable creations

The designer is known for offering really wearable creations. This is why the new items are just great for the women who want to show the world that they have a developed sense of fashion and who want to look fashionable without any effort.

Rachel Zoes Splash Collection

Vintage influences

We all know that the majority of the designers get their inspiration from a given fashion era. It is clear that Rachel Zoe was inspired by the vintage items. This is old news since all her collections have a certain influence. In this case the designer opted for the looks that were really trendy during the 60’s and 70’s.

This is why it is no wonder that we can find among the items of the collection mod dresses and pants with wide legs. However, the designs received a spin to make sure that they will suit the needs of modern women.

What can you find?

There is almost no collection that doesn’t come with maxi dresses with floral prints. On the other hand, we can also find stylish suits and two-piece garments made of a blazer and shorts or a skirt and a blazer.

Color palette and decorations

In this case the floral prints and the color palette were used to enhance the look of the high quality materials. To make the collection look even more luxurious sequin applications and Art deco jewelry was also used. This way the designer managed to create the perfect elegant and chic feel.

The best thing about the collection is that it is perfect for women with different styles and tastes because it is really feminine. It is impossible not to find at least an item of the collection that you would like.

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