Sunglasses are some of the most important items during the summer. Some people say that they are something like boots during winter: people don’t leave their homes without them and they have more pairs than they really need.

Nonetheless usually most of us gravitate around one pair that feels right.

Concept for Aviator Glasses


It is no wonder that after all those years the aviators are still considered to be some of the coolest sunglasses. We all remember that popular actors in the 80’s brought the style into fashion. However since then a lot of new styles have appeared. Your may like the traditional glasses with thin metal details and the oversized lens.

These days it is also common to see glasses with thick frames in bold colors. If you are looking for the hottest sunglasses of this kind, you sure have a difficult job. There are a lot of models to consider, not to mention all the brands that offer them.

Concept for Aviator Glasses

Difficult choice

When looking for new sunglasses, you have to make sure that you take into consideration the Neon Frame Aviator offered by Pixie Market. If you are into the non-conventional styles, you could also consider the Ribisi Aviator Sunglasses offered by Barton Perreira.

Those women who like colors but don’t want to end up looking like a parrot should consider the Yellow Plastic Keyhole Sunglasses that Topshop offers. When looking for a more classic style with a modern spin you have to make sure that you check out the House of Harlow 1960 glasses. If you are looking for aviator sunglasses with a metal frame, you should give the Soloist Teardrop glasses a shot. This design is offered by Oliver’s People.

Women looking for a simple yet appealing design ought to check out the Metal Aviators of Free People. Some simple yet elegant designs are also offered by Diane von Furstenberg. These come with a metal frame in red color. The good news is that the style of the glasses is appealing for the majority of women.

When looking for a similar style but with a spin, make sure that you take a look at the Silver City Aviator offered by KBL. In this case, the frame is green with a bit of gold. For more versatility, you should check out the Cooper Aviator Sunglasses. The interesting thing about these is that they come in bright colors like pink with interesting combinations.

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