Although the MTV Movie Awards are supposed to be about the movies and the best scenes, we have to admit that fashion also has an important role to play.

This is why there are a lot of people who are more interested in the way the celebrities dress than in the movies themselves.

Kirsten Stewart

MTV Movie Awards

It looks like her sense of fashion is really evolving. This time she opted for a Guishem dress. Since she has fair skin the bright yellow and purple details of the dress really made it pop, not to mention that it looks like silver is her color.

Mila Kunis

MTV Movie Awards

The actress is cute and looks nice no matter what she wears. However, the Fendi dress that she chose looked more than hot on her. Maybe the look was enhanced by the unusual pattern that the dress had. She was one of the celebrities who presented the awards to the other celebrities.

Jennifer Aniston

MTV Movie Awards

The actress is known for always wearing short dresses to the awards and she did the same on this evening as well. This time she opted for a short leather dress created by Valentino. She got the chance to show off her amazing legs and we have to admit that leather really suits her because it makes her even sexier.

Jessica Biel

MTV Movie Awards

The actress opted for one of the hottest trend of the season and she wore a white mini dress. The dress itself looked amazing on her and it enhanced her best features, but we have to add that her shoes looked pretty weird. They came in a combination of white and mint green.


MTV Movie Awards

She was one of the few celebrities that added some color to the show. She opted for a red dress designed by Balmain. This came with a low-neck line and the split on the leg made it look even sexier. However, we have to ask whether she knows that women shouldn’t show everything at once.

Emma Stone

MTV Movie Awards

She is known to be one of the most talented and most stylish stars of the movie industry. Unlike the other celebrities, she didn’t wear a dress, but a top and a skirt, both of them designed by Martin Grant. It looks like the black and white combination really works for her.

Naturally, there were some other interesting ‘fashion moments’ as well that you should know about involving the most well-known actresses.

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