If you are a true fashionista, for sure you know that the latest collection of Massimo Dutti just hit the stores. The pieces of the collection help women to fight the summer heat in the nicest and trendiest ways possible. The majority of the pieces are nude and white.

Characteristics of the collection

The materials used for the collection are sheer practical and nice. All the items were designed to have an elegant but minimalist look. There are a lot of different items to choose from, including blouses with floral prints and embroidery, versatile shorts, lace and silk dresses, chic sandals and loose skirts.

Massimo Dutti Collection

Target group

The target group of the collection consists of women who are looking for clothing that is suitable for the everyday activities but also for special occasions that require them to be more elegant. It looks like white is a recurring color of the collection. The best thing about the color is that it gives the clothes a versatile and beautiful look.


You don’t have to think that the entire collection is made of white clothes. In fact in many cases white is combined with other colors such as brick and blue. In the same time the women who love the floral prints will also find some items that they like through the trendy maxi dresses.

Massimo Dutti Collection

Going minimal

If you want to have an impeccable look for the summer, you should go for a white summer dress. There are some made of sheer fabrics. They usually come with lace and they are shorter than knee length. The good news is that the dresses are easy to accessorize. You just need some brown shoes and a brown purse.

Chilly nights

For the chilly nights, the designer offers white pants. These aren’t too hot, but they protect you against the breeze of the seaside. Match the pants with a simple white blouse and a grey jacket. The look is really simple but you can be sure that it won’t go unnoticed.


Layering is important during this season as well. For such a look, consider a long skirt with a coral color. Match it with a simply white shirt and wear a grey knitted shirt too. You don’t have to worry that you will look weird; this outfit is just perfect for the chilly days. Complete the outfit with a pair of high quality leather sandals.

(photo credit: www.fashionavecpassion.com)


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