It looks like the latest collection of Louis Vuitton is all about traveling and celebrating while going somewhere. The best thing about the collection is that it is something new, something real, appealing, unforgettable and modern.

The photos

When you take a look at the collection you can see that this year the designer had a very interesting approach to the presentation. There were ten male and female models to recreate a train. It is certain that the designer was inspired by the past fashion eras and he is trying to bring some of them back.

Louis Vuitton Fall Collection

The lookbook

When it comes to the fall colors, it is just natural that we will see darker colors, such as browns and black. It is just natural that there are a lot of jackets in the collection, both short and long, and in the majority of the cases the bottom pieces are trousers with a look like the models wore a skirt over their pants.


While some of the items are plain and simple with no shine on them, in other cases the purpose of the items is to draw attention upon themselves. This is the case of a pair of black trousers that have in their fabric shiny fibers.


We all know that the fashion house has an elaborate style, and the combinations are here to prove it. In one case we can see a model with a bright brown coat, black trousers and what appears to be a brown skirt over the trousers. Even more, the skirt seems to be made of leather and decorated with shiny metal pieces.


Usually people don’t really think about the buttons of their coats, but it looks like the designer in this case paid a lot of attention to them. There are large and shiny buttons used with an elaborate design that make the entire outfit look more sophisticated.


If the models aren’t wearing a coat, they are wearing some kind of top that also seems to be made of leather and that comes with metal details. It is just natural that in this case brown is also combined with black.

As you can see there is nothing traditional about the collection. The designer took the looks of the past, gave them a spin and turned them into something modern and unseen before. This seems to be the purpose of fashion nowadays.

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