It’s only spring but the designers are already preparing their fall collections. One of these designers is Lanvin. If you are into shoes you can be sure that you will love the latest collection. The truth is that the technological developments have an impact on the fashion industry as well and this can be seen in case of this collection.

Nonetheless the brand managed to find the middle way between the classics of the old times and the futuristic designs. It is Alber Elbaz who managed to bring the brand to the top of the best brands and he turned it into an influential and prophetic atelier. The latest collection illustrates the original style of the designers.

Classic vs. sophisticated

Lanvin Fall Collection

It looks like the main point is to reinvent some of the classics so that they will have a contemporary and modern touch. We can see that the brand sticks to sophisticated and sharp silhouettes and to colors that are advantageous for the majority of women. The high heels offered by the brand are just great for formal events and cocktail parties.

Natural glam

Lanvin Fall Collection

When it comes to the boots, you can be sure that they are comfortable. There are also some with flat soles that can be worn in the everyday life. All the accessories come with a feeling of delicacy. They all represent the motto of the brand according to which women should stick to the styles of the past but they should keep their eyes on the future.


Lanvin Fall Collection Faboulous Shoes

Although this collection is supposed to be all about new fabrics, new volumes and new technologies, the fashionistas of the world will be able to find some classic pieces as well that they can wear during their normal activities. The best thing about the collection is that there are some pieces that you can wear to just any occasion.

High quality is an important characteristic of the shoes so you should keep an eye out for the patent leather shoes. Since women have different styles and walking skills, there are a lot of different sole and heel designs.

The color palette is also varied. The collection comes with classic neutral hues but there are also some vibrant reds and creamy tones. If you wear these unique shoes you can be sure that there will be heads turning after you even during the rainy season. Just pair the shoes with the right frocks or skinny pants.


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