Jimmy Choo pays his homage to the Queen with his inspiring Union Jack Collection, to celebrate her Diamond Jubilee. This patriotic collection uses the bold union jack colors to mark an event of national importance.

When fashion gurus do their bit to commemorate events, they leave an indelible mark with their fashion statements. This comprehensive collection from Jimmy Choo has items that smartly remind one, of the important occasion and yet there are pieces that are timeless and belong to the forever collection.

Jimmy Choos Jubilee Collection

Comprehensive range of accessories

The Jimmy Choo collection contains handbags, wallets, clutches, luggage tags, iPhone cases, belts, shoes, pumps, scarves, sunglasses and oh…so many other items. The flag motif brings in the patriotic flavor and is a big draw for those who would like to own a Jimmy Choo that marks the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

Yet there are several pieces that do not necessarily celebrate the occasion. Most of these are in solid union jack colors of red, blue and white. Each of these pieces no doubt carries with them the promise of high quality and beautiful craftsmanship.

Jimmy Choo’s Jubilee Collection

The 80’s inspiration

Jimmy Choo has designed the patriotic collection with its roots in the fashion of the 80’s and has incorporated beautifully blended contemporary design ideals to give it the modern edge. Coarse glitter, metal elements and studs have been used to provide visual interest without taking away from the design element.

The union jack motif has been cleverly used to invoke the patriotic flavor and its unique colors have been used as solids to design accessories that are timeless.

Design and comfort go hand in hand

Jimmy Choos Jubilee Collection

While designing the footwear, comfort has been the primary condition, prompting a range of pumps, flats and wearable heels. Each piece from the collection oozes glamour and tempts one to be a proud Jimmy Choo owner. It is impossible to choose one from this gorgeous collection.

The perforated white leather boots, ankle length suede ski boots, cow boy boots in patent leather, classic pumps in black red or white, to die for peep toe pumps with cork wedges or metal toe everyday flats, the choices are excruciating so no wonder one wishes to own them all.

You don’t really need an excuse to own a Jimmy Choo, but it would be politically correct not to mention fashionably perfect, to express one’s solidarity with the Queen with a favorite piece from the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee collection from Jimmy Choo.


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