With the warm months approaching, it is time to put all those bulky clothes and shoes at the back of the wardrobe and start preparing for the sunny summer flings.

It would be nice to incorporate some of the latest styles that are expected to trend this season. Summer no doubt means lighter, more pleasant colors with clothes that underline the figure.

Let us look at some of the latest color and style trends for summer 2012.

Items of Summer 2012 Fashion

Summer color trends to look forward to

Pastel shades are the hot favorite this season. Pastel pants or pencil skirts can be paired appropriately to create a formal, informal or even dressed up look. One of the top trending pastel shades is mint green. Other popular shades are bubblegum pink, lavender, baby blue, buttercup yellow and guava. Pastel denims paired with shiny whites and flats look amazing.

Look out for funky neon yellows, blues, pinks and greens. Team them with neutral colors to look chic. For a daring approach, one might add a funky print accessory on a neutral base.

Items of Summer 2012 Fashion

What patterns to look out for?

Whimsical is in. Look out for bold patterns in vibrant colors. Choose from floral, tropical, animal or geometric patterns. Create a sexy picture by pairing pencil skirts, wide-legged trousers or jeans with a whimsical top.

Basics you cannot do without

A few items your wardrobe is not complete without are white shirts and blouses (short and long sleeved), boyfriend blazers, pencil skirts, dark jeans, belts in a large range of colors and width, flats, boots, pumps and sandals. Lace corsets and tops add the much-needed feminine touch to your wardrobe.

Summer trends you cannot ignore

The masculine blazer is a must have this summer season. It pairs classically with almost everything and is suitable for every occasion. Choose bold colors to go with silk pants or jeans along with a simple top. Pastel pants are next on the list along with pencil skirts. Team them with a range of tops or blouses to create completely different looks for any occasion.

The maxi dress is a favorite this year too. Combine this ultra-feminine ground kissing dresses with thin belts and dizzy platforms to look chic. They are available in a range of bold colors and prints.

Accessories you do need

The summer 2012 wardrobe cannot be complete without a peplum and a turban. Peplums are ruffles that start at the waist and end before the hips, a sexy accessory to highlight your hourglass figure. Another trendy accessory is the fashionable turban that adds an exotic touch to your look and instantly offers personality to any outfit.


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